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    so i’m pretty sure that i’ve set up an smb share correctly on my vista computer. i put a folder in my public section on my computer then set it to share with everyone. what i’m confused about is how to make wiimc connect to it. if someone could give me some instructions it’d be greatly appreciated. also i have turned off password protected sharing however public folder sharing is also turned off. should that be turned on?

    thanks in advance!


    Get your pc’s ip address (from the cmd line) using configip /all, it is probably something like
    Mine was as i have a few pc’s at home

    wii setup screen

    Display Name ____ Movies
    Share IP ________
    Share Name______ Movies

    everything is case sensitive.
    i did not turn any passwords off, i just use my logon name and password and that works fine.
    I also did not have the shared folder anywhere special it’s on an external hdd eg //g/Movies
    Hope this helps.


    hmm ok I’ll try it. thanks!

    EDIT: yay it worked! but the video playback is so extremely choppy and it has to buffer every frame that the movie is unwatchable 🙁 is this normal?


    No, that doesn’t sound normal at all.

    Have you tried increasing the cache size? I believe it defaults to 30% (personally I have it set at 60% just to be on the safe side) or tried restarting your router (sometime turning it off and then back on cures the weirdest problems).

    If that doesn’t work it could potentially be a problem with your wireless signal (too weak?) or with your router. Do you suffer problems while streaming to, say, another computer/laptop?


    The other question is, what kind of file are you trying to play? This doesn’t work for HD content.


    Check your modem also, some have better strengths than others, you might be to far away or through a concrete wall. A weak modem wont punch through it very well for streaming. When sitting out back at my bar the netcomm did the same thing, i upgraded to a lynksys and no more problem. They have a letter on the box for how strong they are eg N .It’s been a while so my info could be out of date.


    has anybody got it working with vista home premium

    i v tried everything….. it works with windows 7….


    @Tantric wrote:

    The other question is, what kind of file are you trying to play? This doesn’t work for HD content.

    i was just using an avi file that i don’t think is HD

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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