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    Ive got to say firstly this is a great app

    Will probably take me away from my good old trusty XBMC the only issue i have is with the smb shares does it have a limit ive put 5 in so far but it wont allow me to input anyomre ?

    I tried to create a share with links to other shares to see if that would get round it but it only shows the share not the links /shortcuts is there a way to have more shares.

    Basically i have the shares allreay for XBMC and am just trying to add them to the WIIMC..


    That’s right, the current limit is 5. This will be increased to 9 for the next version. The limit will not be increased beyond that.


    Thanks for that ill have to see how to link my shares into categories so i can have all the sections under the 5 headings


    can you not use shortcuts within the dirs

    Just tried FTP instead as i can setup all the shares via the ftp server but cant get it to list can you toggle the passive on and off checked in the WIIMC netwrok settings and it says active if i edit the the xml can it be swithced off to see if the ftp lists ive tried changing my ftp server but no matter which way i set it the same problem wont list.


    Sure would help if you would add some .’s and ?’s in your long sentence so I can figure out what you are asking. Also I don’t know what you mean by passive. I have no problem listing on the menu the names of my 5 smb’s.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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