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    Hi everybody,

    I’ve been using this feature back with the old MPlayerCE and I am happy to see they are functional as well in WiiMC. There doesn’t seem to be much information on this, so here it is:

    How to make Sopcast and TVU streams work

    Basically, they work pretty much the same, with a different port number. What you do is install one of those applications, then open a stream to have it running on the computer. Next, you need to modify the onlinemedia.xml file in the WiiMC folder to add the following section:

    You should replace with whatever IP address the computer running the streams has. Copy new the updated file to the WiiMC folder, and you’re set. Happy streaming 🙂


    One last mention: the Sopcast port sometimes is 8912 instead of 8902, you might want to try this as an alternative if it’s not working with 8902.

    All the best!


    Awesome! I have an HTPC next to the Wii that I usually use for that. But still nice for those who don’t. A couple questions though. Can you have both streaming (on the PC) at the same time and switch between the two on the fly with the Wii? Also, can you get any other streaming TV programs to work with the Wii, like Streamorrent or TVants?


    Hi wiilobo,
    I think that this link could be interesting:

    In the first page you can see how to get the name of file which is played. Add it in onlinemedia.xml and good luck!
    Obviously you must change localhost with your pc ip address. Unluckly the file name is not always the same, so you’ll must edit the xml every time you play a new stream.

    Tell me if it works.


    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about a problem I have been having with Sopcast streams in WiiMC lately.

    I use it mainly to watch football on a big TV and it was all working fine last season – no problem at all and all perfectly in sync. However, this season, the same Sopcast ‘channels’ now have some quite serious lagging between the video and the audio and I can’t work out what the issue might be. The stream on the PC is still fine – all perfectly in sync.

    Nothing, as far as I remember, has changed on my home network (I use the same homeplugs and the same network card in the same PC)

    The only thing I can think of is

    a) The version of WiiMC has changed since it was working properly – is there a way of getting historical versions of WiiMC ? Has anyone else noticed a change in Sopcast performance with recent versions of WiiMC ?


    b) I am running WiiMC of a USB HDD, rather than an SD card. But I can’t see why this would make a difference.

    Anyone got any ideas ?

    TIA for any help.



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