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    I have noticed this since November with all different versions of WiiMC. When I try to turn the volume up or down on the Wii U using the WiiMote, the sound bar moves, but the volume does not change. It never changes. Same exact WiiMC on my Wii works just fine, just not on the Wii U. I do not know if anyone else has reported this error but it sure would be nice to have it fixed.

    On another note, WiiMC is fantastic. I have been using it DAILY for many years and am more than happy with it’s normally stellar performance. Thanks to Tantric for all of his hard work. Throw a donation his way if you can, especially if you use it everyday like me!

    Thanks for the assistance!



    Anyone have any clue as to why this only happens on Wii U’s?

    I have recreated on the problem on 4 other Wii U’s besides mine, using both old and new updates right from the downloads section.

    With the same exact files, I cannot reproduce this problem on any Wii.

    Would appreciate some assistance.



    Hmmm… Almost 300 views.

    Apparently it is just me having this issue then. Must just be my Wii U and the ones I do for people…

    Thanks anyway!



    I must be the only one who owns a Wii U…?

    No wonder we are not getting any games…



    i think, its rather the case, that nobody cares for wiimc on wiiu atm, since its not the wiiu mode thats been hacked



    If that is your line of thinking, than why even bother to have WiiMC to begin with, right?




    Since I couldn’t get any answers from anyone and wiimc on wii u is buggy, I have switched to PLEX and will never look back. Do yourselves all a favor and try PLEX out on the Wii U…



    Thanks for posting info about Plex on Wii U. Sad to see WiiMC has no love what so ever…



    I used WiiMC up until the video files I was getting wouldn’t play anymore because most of them are HD. I even bought a second Wii just to use with WiiMC. I used it for years, now I use a $35 Amazon Fire TV stick with Kodi installed.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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