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    I installed 0.5.5 Beta and VLC 2.0 today but, was unable to stream with VLC. Watch directly option does work, however.
    I tried changing permissions and turned off firewall but, no success with VLC streaming. After I reinstalled vlc-shares 0.5.4 and VLC 1.1.9, I was able to stream with VLC with no issues. I did get a debug log while using 0.5.5. I did not see an option to change the debug log level but, I have uploaded the log if you want it for review. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit/Wii


    Debug level can be changed showing advanced configurations as in previous version. Please, enable per-thread logging as well. Debug log path can be selected in preferences too. Please attach all vlcShares* log files


    i need to release a beta 2, but i’d like to get this problem fixed (if any). I can’t reproduce this problem, so log files are really important.


    Same problem as mentioned above.. here is the vlcShares.debug


    I was able to stream video with vlc 2.01 using the stream batch file posted in

    However from vlcshares I couldn’t
    I did this test:
    I started a streaming video using vlc command.
    then from Wiimc I connected to “VLC-Shares Collections”->Shared folders->Root Windows->select the movie->Leave defaults (Mp2v/Ac3 over http)->start vlc stream->appears “go to stream” and “streaming controls”-> selected go to stream and the movie started.

    I did the same without use vlc command and I got error to load file
    My guess is that for some reason the vlcshares is not invoking the vlc.
    I am using windows 7 64 bits
    wiimc 1.2.7(IOS 58)
    vlcshare 0.5.5 beta

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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