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    I am Brazilian, when I watch videos + subtitles srt few characters not displayed correctly, in mplayer I added the following options:


    Is possible includes on future releases an option to choose language on srt subtitles ???

    Best Regards



    I’d like to do this. Can someone supply me with a list of language codes and corresponding languages? Same goes for codepages, I’d prefer to include a list of applicable codepages and the languages they apply to. These are also known as iconv encodings.


    I think the language codes are like these: [url]

    I would like to be able to load the subtitles with the same name as the movie but with the language code before the extension. For example: batman.avi and,
    Right now it seems it is loaded only if I rename to

    Another thing related to the language character support, it would be useful to have these characters in the on screen keyboard, because I am not able to access to SMB resources that have these characters. At least the accents ´`^¨, the spanish ñ, german ß, and french/portuguese/catalan ç.


    Hi ,

    This page has information that might be useful:


    Hi i’m braziliam too and i’m having the same problems with my subtitles.
    In my case, words with only one accent works great, ex. ‘música’, however words with 2 or more accents doesn’t work ex. “ação” is displayed “aãço” and the strange thing is that capital letters doesn’t work at all with accents.

    In the mplayer-ce I use the same options as titanx along with alang=pt,en.

    I know there is not the focus of the project provide a .conf files that the users need to edit manually, but would be great if we can change this settings somewhere.

    avalancha: As far as i know mplayer uses 2 letters country codes for languages, for example Portugues Brasil is ‘pt’ not ‘pt-br’. I think that this page has the more correct codes.

    As for the language charset relationship I don’t have this info, sorry 🙁

    Anyway, thanks for this AMAZING project and keep up the good work 😉

    Best Regards



    Here’s an issue, posted in the mplayer-ce bug tracker:

    From there, an user posted two pages:
    This one for slang:

    And this for subcp:

    Hope they are of any help. Keep up the good work!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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