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    Hi i am Spanish but normally i download original tv series subtitulated…

    I have 2 files:.avi and .srt..

    I have tried the 2 new versions…and…

    1:The 2 wad files i´ve got for making a channel don´t work

    2:Subititles are not showing…

    I have a hard disc fat32…

    The first version apart from that works great…

    Thanks a lot…waiting one update…



    I have tried the 1.0 version and it properly shows the subtitles. There are two issues to consider:

    – There is an option to enable/disable the subtitles in the configuration
    – The subs can be enabled/disabled with the B button (the one in the back).



    Make sure also that video and subtitle files are located in same folder and have same name (except extension)



    Thanks for the answer and help but i have tried again and the b button don´t work…

    My hard disc is a multimedia one(woxter) and i don´t have any problems with it…

    In settings(subtitles:auto..)is this ok?¿?….
    The 2 files are in the same folder 😳 …….

    Any idea?¿?


    I have tried the new 1.1 version and it works great..just…

    The problem with .srt files contiune…The files are not even recognized…. 😯

    I am newbie ……in this…correct me if i am wrong…

    I have seen Spanish lang files for translating this aplication…
    Do i have to put this anywhere to translate it or it´s just impossible and it has to be compilated?¿’…

    If in settings ….the language is in English…the….my srt files will not be shown…

    P.D.:In settings…to show the file extensions is activated 🙄 …


    Having the same problem too.
    None of my srt files are being picked up. Runs fine on mplayer ce though

    Only problem during installation was the WiiMC cIos202…just got an error. Ignored that and went straight to install WiiMC, everythings fine except for the srt subtitles.

    Those of you with working subtitles, what file type do you guys use?



    I have no problem with .srt subtitles. All my .srt files play file with the videos of the same name.
    I did have a problem with one of my .mpg files. Not only were subs not displayed but the time counter started at 31 minutes on a 27 minute video and the progress bar showed all blue! Turned out the .mpg file was not of a standard format even though MPC played it on my PC. Running it through WOMBLE fixed it and now the subs display fine.

    There is a bug with .smi SAMI subtitles which I have reported.

    If you attach your .srt file to your reply and I will check it for you.

    BTW..the B button does not switch subtitles..its the UP button. And the Subtitle settings are ON or OFF, there is no AUTO.


    I have an issue with the subtitles having to have the same name of the video file:
    I usually have more than 1 subtitle for a file. One of them is in English and the other is in Portuguese (my native language).

    So I ussualy have something like this:

    My suggestion is that once you press the UP arrow, you can select a different subtitle (as long as the name before the first dot(.) is the same as the subtitle).

    So the first time you press UP it would display
    The second time:
    and the 3rd time:
    Subtitles OFF.

    Thank you folks an congratulations for the excellent work on WIIMC.

    São Paulo, Brazil.


    That’s a good idea! Why not post it in the Feature Suggestions Forum.


    @jhb50 wrote:

    That’s a good idea! Why not post it in the Feature Suggestions Forum.

    jhb50, thanks for the idea:
    I posted my suggestion in the feature request forum:

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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