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    Hi there;
    Just wanted to register to say a big THANK YOU to all contributors to this software. This one is by far the best media player I have come across for the Wii Console.
    As suggestion I would say it is mmissing support for the Gamecube controller. Many other great homebrew softwares already support it, so I think it should not be too complicate to do the same and would surely please to many of us.
    Thanks again ever so much 🙂


    I really don’t see the point in this. Every Wii comes with a Wiimote, and this app is not used for gameplay. So I don’t see why someone would choose to use the GameCube controller.

    Keep in mind that every feature that’s put in comes at a cost to the performance.


    I do understand your reasoning, however if other homebrew developers had the same opinion they would have not implemented support for Gamecube controllers in their respective homewbrew applications. i.e. homebrew channel, many forwarder channels, etc. and those are not gameplay apps.
    An advantage of using the GC controller is the lack of battery requirement for instance. Say that you would like to watch a movie and as you turn the Wii on you realise you have ran out of batteries in your controllers and do not have any spares. A GC controller would let you get into the Homebrew Channel and launch WiiMC to watch it. Otherwise you would have to either get out to buy more batteries or wait 3h to recharge some.
    Is this an esential feature? Probably not.
    Would it be useful? I believe so.
    Again, do not get the wrong message. I am not demanding you this feature, but just suggesting it as I believe it could come in handy. 🙂


    I agree. I put it on the feature request page on wiibrew, because I would enjoy using a controller without worrying about the batteries. This is the best media player for the wii, possibly even for a computer because it supports so many formats.


    sorry for the new topic i did not see this was already requested. apologies!!

    but this is 100% something that i know a lot of users would appreciate

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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