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    Heare is a code form Hamachi-mp an Bad boy 26.

    We have codet things for wiimc to swith The Them´s from SD Kard!!!
    When is ist good.. please do it in the official WIIMC code.

    So for Instalation see heare:

    sd / app / wiimc / themes / disign

    in the images folder design must comply with: bg.png, nav_divider.png, button_bottom.png, button_bottomover.png be specified arrow_right_small.png.
    To display your your design gets you to go into the Settings-General then turn with surface and progresses up to your Extern Them.

    Unfortunately, you can insert in the themes folder is only a design where access it.
    Here is an example:
    main theme
    sd / app / wiimc / themes / disign /

    other themes
    sd: / app/wiimc/themes/disign1 /
    sd: / app/wiimc/themes/disign2 /
    sd: / app/wiimc/themes/disign3 /

    if someone wants to have theme 3, he shall designate in desig design4 to design3 in design and
    Unfortunately it’s not another way but so everyone can finally use his theme
    three’s design are in
    Have fun

    So hear the rev witch The Code an some Themes.

    It is Testet and it works fine.


    Hey Tantric
    I have changed in revision 681 a couple of things,
    TO USE a theme of which one of the sd card can.

    One can take only a fixed folder where the images are there.

    The changes are menue.cpp
    line :325-349 351-368 1014-1021 3904-3905 7169

    and in the setting.cpp
    line: 650

    I hope you can edit it, so that you can change the designs on the fly


    I appreciate the enthusiam and the interest in customizing the look of WiiMC; however this patch is not a particularly elegant (or safe!) implementation so I can’t consider adding it.

    Secondly, please don’t post links to binaries in the forum.


    We now have all improved.
    the themes must still sd: / apps / wiimc / themes / lie, but the name does not matter now
    all can be selected themes

    how can I send the data now


    Post the patch and any other files in a .zip but not the compiled .dol




    No one wants to see it ?


    We have a lot going on… wait your turn! :mrgreen:


    Have you seen this already?
    is that good?
    Your builds the so as well?
    it works without problems


    I’ve been using precompiled revisions from BadBoy with the above patch built in for quite some time now and I like it pretty much. If only there were more themes out there… but on the other hand it’s pretty easy to build a custom theme yourself that will work with this patch, so it’s ok for me.

    I don’t know too much about coding, so I can’t judge how clean the code is written, but from testing I can say that BadBoys unofficial compiles are running just as stable as unpatched compiles.

    Keep up the good work! 😀

    And PLEASE improve on your English, guys 😛

    PS: If Tantric doesn’t want to inject your code into the next official release, how about programming some kind of a patch-installer, that makes it easy to apply the patch to the official boot.dol without any experience in compiling? That would be kinda cool I guess…


    I found it nice too. I think Tantric can addet into the next version of WIIMC then he can test ist.

    The next is wehn this is NOT save then we can coding it better and better for User They like custom Themes it is great.

    so please add it.


    Tantric Hey,
    Have you seen this now?

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