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    If the feature does not already exist, would it be possible to display a thumbnail associated with the files listed?

    DVD cover or poster or something similar?


    Good feature request….


    I love WiiMC! Just discovered it. My only feature suggestion right now is displaying cover-art, as mentioned above. Looking at “folder.jpg” in each directory would be great, but if there was a way to get it to connect to cover-art/fan art databases (such as and imdb) then tat would be beautiful.

    devs rule thank you


    I like this idea also. I find it annoying that, particularly for large images, your hand has to be damn near still while the thumbnail loads otherwise you might go over another file and it will start loading that thumbnail. I was going to suggest that the thumbnail would load when you click on the file rather than highlight it, and a second click loads the full image – but I like this idea better.


    i hate this idea. if implemented, please give us the power to toggle on/off. thanks!


    any chance of this being implemented? also it would be nice to make use of the Thumbs.db from windows shares rather than loading the actual image for the preview. I guess for Linux the ~/.thumbnails directory would have to be shared as well.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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