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    With this tutorial you can Send every sound of your Pc to a Wii (or any artefact witch have wifi and play streaming radio, like a Mobile, or Nintendo DS) . In this case we use this to Spotify o any free or not music webs (Rockola, grooveshark, playlist.com….).

    First we need a Pc with Spotify and software BroadWave Streaming Audio Server:


    we install it with options default options and execute it. We need to create a “steam”, press buttom Steams and (add steam).

    In Device used the option “What U hear”

    Press ok. In the main Window select menu “broadwave” > “options”> general In the option “link on the Broadwave…” choose “local network links” and “minumu speed….” change to 128. Press OK.

    We Take a Sd with WiiMC. We Look for a file call “onlinemedia.xml” and edit with notepad. We search text like this :

    At “link name” camp we use “Spotify” .At “addr” camp we use ip of you PC audio server. The adders we know by press Conect button in Broadwave software. You Can see:

    Copy The blue part,, only to “.asx” and paste in “addr” camp, eliminate the old address. Save file. Put your Sd in Wii.

    – Execute Spotify
    – Execute WiiMC on Wii and press online Icon
    – Chose your Spotify link, Buffer and go!.

    Sorry for my english. The Spanish version of it:


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