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    I have installed VLC shares under Ubuntu 10.10 and have tried to get my NAS set up in Shared Folders but have been unable to get it to show up . I can open WiiMC and easily set-up the share and see all my folders (and actually play Movies) through the WiiMC settings but i want to utilize the VLC shares . I was able to get in running fine in Win7 but for the life of me cannot seem to point to the path for the NAS in VLC Shared Folder settings . I’m clearly missing something here .

    Installation in Ubuntu went without a problem and I did a system test and all plugins are working and set-up . It is just the NAS that I cannot get VLC shares to “see” .

    I’m a noob in linux so a detailed descriptive instruction on how to get VLC to see my NAS would be greatly appreciated . I have Ubuntu “seeing” the NAS and can enter username and pass when prompted , then Navigate all my folders from Ubuntu desktop . I’m using a Netgear Stora for a NAS and have tried creating a “guest” account so that no username and pass is required but have been unsuccesfull in creating that….by editing the smb.conf file through command line . Is there an “easy” way for VLC to see my folders on the NAS ? Like I said , I was succesfull under win7 but would really like to get this working under Ubuntu .


    The faster way to do this is mount NAS shares as folders in ubuntu and then add that folder in vlc-shares.

    Something like this should work:

    mkdir /mnt/NAS
    chmod -R 777 /mnt/NAS
    mount //NAS_IP_ADDRESS/NAS_SHARE_NAME /mnt/NAS -t smbfs -o username=USERNAME,password=PASSWORD -o gid=users,dmask=777,fmask=777

    Obviously you have to replace:

    • NAS_IP_ADDRESS with the IP address of your NAS
    • NAS_SHARE_NAME with the share name
    • USERNAME with the username
    • PASSWORD with the password

    After that try to add /mnt/NAS inside shared folders of vlc-shares

    PS: remember that you have to remount shares after every reboot. If you want to do it automatically and with more documentation:


    THANK YOU >>>>I will work on mounting permanently now !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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