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    Hello to everybody

    I made it for the wiimc to see my second USB port
    I dont know if this is going to work for you but there is a workaround for everyone. Just keep trying

    I used AnyTitleDeleterMOD to delete my IOS or Cios (whatever) 202
    After that is working

    I use two USB Switchers, one for Games hard drive on Port 1 and one hard drive for Songs on Port 2
    In order to see my Port 2 I have to switch or disconnect if you prefer the Port 1 so the only available is the Port 2

    Some people say that IOS202 is useful , maybe I mixed them up and I dont really know why its working after I removed the IOS202 with AnyTitleDeleterMOD.

    I wish you luck.

    This program is awesome and I hope it will monopolize the rest of them.

    I think the creator Tantris and his partner deserve to be helped financially.

    Grate work 🙄


    To anyone reading – if you follow this advice you won’t have USB 2.0 anymore, just USB 1.1.


    My apologies Tantric

    I dont know more than you do and definitely I accept your advice.

    That was the only way to enable both ports on my Wii Console
    I reached to a point that I didn’t know what I was doing and I ended up on this workaround.
    I dont know how it happened.

    I dont want to have USB 1.1
    I want to have USB 2
    I am still trying to make it by installing the IOS202
    If there is any advice on this I really need it.

    I am very sorry once again you and all the people here in the forum

    I would appreciate any help or tips on how to put back my USB 2 support and having my two hard drives.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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