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    Hi Guys,

    This is my second install of VLC Shares with no joy yet.

    Virgin install of Win7 32bit as the media server
    – No firewall
    – No IIS
    VLCShares: 0.5.4
    ZF: 1.10.6
    ffmpeg-latest-mingw32-static.7z (FFmpeg revision: 26400)

    Using WiiMC 1.3.0

    This is what I try and the error results I get:

    Online Media / Shared folders / TV Series / The Love Boat / The_Love_Boat_Season_1_Epi_1.avi / Start VLC Stream / Go to stream “Buffering”…..”Error, Error loading file!”

    Shutdown VLC Stream then try
    Online Library / International Live TV / RT Eng {Direct-url} / Start VLC stream / Go to Stream / “Buffering”…”Error, Error loading file!”
    (Please note that when I did the exact same test yesterday evening on RT Eng via the Online Library it played, and played perfectly!!)

    Shutdown VLC Stream then try
    Sopcast / News and Education / CCTV-11 / Start VLC Stream / Go to VLC Stream / “Buffering”….”IT PLAYS”.
    The audio is pretty out of sync, but it is playing pretty good.

    Shutdown VLC Stream then try
    SopCast / Movies Group / TVS2 / Start VLC Stream / Go to Stream / “Buffering”….”IT PLAYS”.
    Again, audio is odd. Lots of Chinese actors talking but zero words, just music. Odd…, but it’s playing. Then the video pauses and then I hear all the actors words and talking. Yeh, it’s not in sync. Was hard to get out of that WiiMC screen, held down the home key.

    Shutdown VLC Stream then try
    YouTube / Youtube video library / VLC Shares / VLC Shares – Megavideo libary and bookmarklets / “Loading” / Start VLC Stream / Go to Stream / “Loading”….”Error, Error loading file!”

    Shutdown VLC Stream then try
    GoGoCinama.it / Alpha Index / A / A Dangerous Method / A Dangerous Method via Putlocker / Start VLC Stream / Go to stream / “Error, Error loading file!”

    Any ideas / suggestions ? 😥


    It should be noted, that if I browse VLC Shares via a second computer, like my laptop and try.

    Online Library / International Live Channels / RT Eng / Start VLC Stream
    Than manually start up VLC and go Media / Open Network Stream / Network / and hit Play
    “I GET RT TV!!!!” So, parts of VLC Shares seems to be working.

    If I Shutdown the VLC Stream
    Online Library / International Live Channels / SkyNews / Start VLC Stream / and then switch view back to VLC pointed at …..VLC just errors and says it can’t open the MRL
    I hit play a few times to ensure it’s not a timing thing, no dice.

    Shutdown VLC
    Shared Folders / Movies / Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.avi / Start VLC Stream then switch to VLC streaming from , I get “Your input can’t be opened:
    VLC is unable to open the MRL ‘’. Check the log for details.”

    So, I am not able to Stream ANY local Shared Folders with any device, Wii with WiiMC or Laptop PC with VLC on it. So it must be an issue with the the streaming server not being able to submit the stream.

    System Tests are below:
    VLCShares version : 0.5.4
    success VLC path is valid (C:Program FilesVideoLANVLCvlc.exe) : Success
    success Language file is valid (en_GB.ini) : Success
    success FFMpeg helper enabled : Success
    success FFMpeg path is valid (C:Program FilesFFMpegbinffmpeg.exe) : Success
    success [PHP settings] magic_quotes_gpc = Off : Ok
    success [PHP settings] register_globals = Off : Ok
    info [PluginInstaller] Checking for directory permissions : OK

    I could upload a log somewhere as well, if it helps 🙂 Not to sure where to put that though, as there is no upload button when we are doing posts, only url.


    I seem to be getting some partial sucess.

    When I try to play a “Shared Folders” avi file via the Start VLC command, then copy and paste the “Go to Stream” link into the local VLC player of the Win7 media server via VLC / Media / Open Network Stream as “http://localhost:8081/" the VIDEO PLAYS.

    If I go to a remote laptop and do the same thing in VLC but pointed to “" the video DOES NOT PLAY.

    All firewalls are disabled on the Win7 media server and the Win7 laptop.
    I don’t thing running “telnet” will tell me anything useful. Any ideas, is this a timeout issue on the VLC client side? or is VLC Shares streaming to the wrong place? It’s just a default install of VLC Shares.


    I haven’t used vlc-shares for a while but i know rtmpdump_v2.5 and zend_v1.11.11 should help.
    also if using vlc player 2.0 and up, you’ll need to use the latest beta version of shares.

    I haven’t tried shares with vlc player 2.0.5 yet.


    Uninstall vlc player 2.0.5
    install vlc player 1.1.9

    That fixed my error loading file issues. It didn’t seem to say that anywhere on the installation notes, but there was a random post by ximarx in another thread here that said 0.5.4 vlc shares does not support vlc 2.0+

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