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    Hi all,

    do you think that with something like this:


    I could be able to watch my movies in HD ?



    No that just takes the 480P output from the wii and converts it to HDMI 1080P. Kind of pointless because your HDTV will upscale the normal wii output via the component cable to fit its screen anyway.


    I recently moved all my Wii operations from old school rca 480i output, two rca cable analog Dolby II TO hdmi with Dolby Digital via one of those new Wii HDMI adaptors.

    While the video is better and looks more solid, the AUDIO is amazing! Crisp, full and very encompassing surround (rear speakers are more perfect now) and the sound is now competing with my Xbox 360 🙂 From an audio quality point of view, using the new HDMI upscaling converters is awesome ! 😛


    The advantage of using this adapter is to avoid interference with component-video cable. With the HDMI output, the signal is digital and interference-free (or at least more protected). I am unaware of any extraordinary gain in quality when using this adapter, as the final quality can not be greater than what the Wii can do himself. That is, the adapter enables bring the highest quality possible, but no additional gain. The result may be similar to using Wiimode on WiiU. While on Wii mode, many users describe a sharper picture and richer colors than the original Wii, a result of the digital output.

    Perhaps (but only perhaps) there is a decrease in lag in LCD TVs. With the digital signal, television can display the image directly, with less post-processing (and without upscaling). However, on the other hand, the adapter itself may bring some amount of lag.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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