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    I have had this happen with more than one disc. I watch my DVD movies from retail discs. When I pause the movie, for an undetermined amount of time (over a few minutes), WiiMC freezes.

    I use WiiMC 1.2.0, launching from the latest channel/forwarder, IOS58 rev6176.


    You know what I would like to see, be able to make an SMB network share on your PC and have WiiMC read the VOBS directly off of the PC DVD drive. There are soooooo many Wii’s that have happered DVD drives that don’t play retail DVD’s anymore, that I think the best solution is to just allow you to read the DVD files directly off the PC’s DVD drive.

    Slick and cool, wondering if it’s capable and only Tantric would know.

    I have attempted to do the setup above and it does not work… but I have tried. Tantric if you would like me to try any new code to possibly test this, I am totally game. I am a Network Admin.


    Playing the vobs from my PC DVD drive already works fine, and I can pause,restart,zoom, and stretch any 4:3 DVD to full screen 16:9 using my mods. It should work fine with 1.3.0, which is my base, as well.


    I Second that this **Already Works**. Watching retail dvd with my “Shared Dvd Drive” as i type. Just make sure your wiimc is in video mode and open any “video-ts” folder.
    Windows-7×64,ASUS DVD drive

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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