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    Hi A-Team,

    I have read some threads about SMB-shares but none of them could solve my problem.

    What I managed to do…
    I created a share on my Windows XP computer and I could configure WiiMC to access this share – so far so good.

    What I want to do…
    Accessing the data on the computer´s share would require the computer to be running all the time. Since my router (Vodafone Easybox 802) is able to mount external USB drives and make the accessible from the network as an SMB share I would prefer this way.

    So I connected a USB harddrive to the router and created a share name “Media”. The router allows to specify a password for the share, but I cannot specify a username. So I left the password blank disabling security.

    From my XP machine I connected to the share using \ without problems.

    In WiiMC I tried the same. In WiiMC´s network settings I created a new SMB share (displayname=easybox, ip= (the router´s ip), sharename=Media, user=blank, password=blank). Unfortunately WiiMC could not connect to this share (network error).

    So I changed the settings in my router. I specified password “12345” for the share.

    Result: When connecting to the share Windows XP prompts for the password. The username is auto-filled in the dialog box as “EasyboxGast” and cannot be changed. I enter the password and everything is fine.

    In WiiMC I tried various combinations for username / password without success:
    / 12345
    Gast / 12345
    Gast / 12345
    Guest / 12345
    Guest / 12345
    I could not enter “EasyboxGast” as a username, because in WiiMC´s virtual keyboard the backslash “” is missing.

    Has anyone encountered a problem like this? Is there a way to connect to guest / anonymous shares from WiiMC?


    You don’t use your routers IP you use the IP of your computer.
    Follow this tutorial:


    Super guide! Can this be made a sticky?


    @jhb50 wrote:

    Super guide! Can this be made a sticky?

    I think they did make it sticky. Which I thought was awesome.
    Hope it helps everyone and cuts down on the same useless questions.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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