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    I was super stoked that I could create playlists and whatever – the concept of watching Youtube content from my couch is something I have not yet experienced (except for a couple videos through Opera’s awful implementation). I quickly set about to making a Navi-X Playlist not even a couple hours ago.


    Except that booting up WiiMC and pointing it to that simply returns a “No valid media files!”

    Am I doing something wrong? Can I not use Navi-X’s scraper for this kind of content? I know WiiMC has a Youtube search option, and that works great for individual videos, but I’d rather pass somebody’s whole channel through Navi-X and that doesn’t seem to be happening for whatever reason.

    What am I missing?


    Hi, I can’t get it working as well. I created my navi-x playlists, but can not see them in WiiMC, resp see some, but not mine 🙁


    My understanding is that you create the Navi playlists using Navi on the PC, and then find them when you access the Navi playlists under WIIMC. I don’t believe you can create and host Navi playlists on your PC or on the WII. You can however do YouTube searches on WIIMC and than play them continuously using WIIMC+. Similarly you can access YouTube public playlists and author playlists using other user developed links as documented in the Playlist Guide which is included with the WIIMC+ Enhancement Pack.


    Just a quick heads up peeps we are still working on getting hosting and our coder to work on the processor interpreter for Navi-X on WiiMC. Once we get this working, you can link to whatever but until then… ONLY direct links to video files and audio files will play. Thanks.



    I had faced the same problem.
    Wiimc is not able to parse Navi-X processors yet.

    To solve that I’ve created a scraper for youtube playlists that create a plx file in which entries are URLs pointing to youtube videos.

    At least for youtube, YOU CAN’T HOST the scraper REMOTELY.

    Each page impression of youtube, changes by your geographical/network location, i.e. the same youtube video depending in where you are should have a different URL, but you need the right one in order to watch. So the solution
    is scrape from your local network.

    As I told you I wrote an script that runs on a HTTP server I have in my local network. Then I put an entry in the wiimc that queries the scraper to generate a dynamic created playlist from youtube, and works perfectly.

    If you want I can provide you the code. For the HTTP server side configuration, you must know how to do it.


    Not sure what you have done, but it was easy for me to modify my WIIMC, to provide a pop up option to save any YouTube Search result as a playlist, which can then be edited on the PC if required and used within WIIMC for future playback. This eliminates the need for any scraper or HTTP server to build YouTube Playlists.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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