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    Have only been using WiiMC for the past month or so, finally put HomeBrew on the Wii to give it some new life. WiiMC was the perfect add-on, and one that gets used constantly. Just recently, WiiMC is no longer marking what video files I have already watched and all the ones that were previously watched are no longer checked. Also, sometimes videos just stop playing. I have all my videos stored on an XP machine and use SMB to get to them. I log the WiiMC in as the administrator account, so it should have full permissions to the file share, I did verify on the XP side that full read/write settings were in effect. Any thoughts?



    Maybe you have moved the files or renamed the share.I think watched files are logged by the full file path and name to the “restore points” file found inside your “apps/wiimc” folder.Wiimc creates a new restore points file anytime it is corrupt or not found.
    You could try a fresh install or force Wiimc to make a new restore points file.Then see if your movies are being logged.

    I have no idea about your videos stopping unless maybe your server is going to sleep or a bad wifi connection.


    have not renamed or moved any files, so that’s should be fine. Maybe the fresh install will help. I noticed hombrew keeps saying there’s an update and when I did that things may have gotten screwy. I’m pretty sure the router is working, but maybe I can set a priority service on it for the. Wii, couldn’t hurt.



    Reinstalling and resetting up seems to have fixed the problem.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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