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    I’ve just looked into setting up a network share for music and video in WiiMC. I’ve shared my Videos and Music folders on my computer, with Read & Execute permissions for Everyone. I’ve also assigned my computer a reserved internal IP address on my router. The router is wireless N, as is the network adapter on my computer. At first, Videos didn’t seem to want to play. I could access them, but it would just sit there and load. Music (mp3s) would show directories, but no files within them. I came back to the computer, enabled Media Streaming (I know it says it’s for HomeGroups, but I was being through…if someone could let me know if I actually need it enabled, that’d be great) and double checked the share status of the sub-directories. A couple of the sub-directories were not shared, for some reason, so I shared them. Now, video is playing, seemingly well so far, but music still isn’t showing up. There aren’t tons of files in any given directory, as everything is broken down by artist, then album, so there isn’t more than 20 files in any given directory, so it shouldn’t take more than a couple seconds to bring up a file list. Also, I’m currently the only one using the network at all, so it’s not lag. Anyone have any suggestions?


    This could be a stupid reply, but are you sure you’re selecting the Audio icon instead of the Video. Got me a few times until I got used to it.


    +1 for using audio icon inside wiimc or make sure your files have proper extensions. The homgroup or wmp sharing uses a totaly different password and share names.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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