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    As I am no longer supporting this code or distributing this code in response to email requests, I am posting the last distribution dated Mar 30, 2014 as WIIMC+V14finaldistribution.zip containing the files as follows:

    Attached is the WIIMC+V14 Enhancement Pack containing the WIIMC+V14 patch that may only be applied to WIIMC 1.3.0 at SVN1061. After installing also see the update to 14H in the forum at http://www.wiimc.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1985 and the MusicPlus Enhancement Pack V1d.zip at http://www.wiimc.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1984

    There are 4 zip files. WIIMC+V14-SVN1061.zip contains the patch, the guides, required files and a precompiled boot.dol. The “YouTube+ Enhancement Pack V4.zip” provides the scripts and guide for the YouTube+ Feature, the “Movies+ Enhancement Pack V2.zip” provides the scripts, exe’s and guide for the new Movies+ Feature and the “Music+ Enhancement Pack V1b.zip” provides the scripts and guide for the new Music+ Feature..

    Note that with the distribution of the compiled .dol, support for merging and compiling the patch is no longer provided. Users wishing to compile the patch should do so by following the WIIMC Compile instructions provided on the forum (http://www.wiimc.org/compiling-instructions/).

    Read the “Quik Install Guide.txt” first, then the “(1.3.0 R1061 Enhancement Pack).txt” documentation for a complete description of the new and cumulative enhancements.

    Install the YouTube+ V4 scripts as documented. Users who previously installed V2 should delete the previous www/wiimcscripts subdirectory which is no longer used. The scripts have been updated since those distributed with WIIMC+V13 to correctly display titles with quotes, and to support a YouTube change in SearchPlaylists.

    Install the Movies+ V2 scripts and exe’s and the Transmission-qt application as documented. The scripts have been updated from those distributed with WIIMC+V13, to support Subscene.com subtitle changes. The ExeDir.zip which was omitted in V13 is now included, however the contained .exec files need to be renamed to .exe since gmail prohibits the attachment of zips containing .exe files.

    Install the Music+ V1b script as documented. This has been updated since that distributed with V13, to correctly display titles with quotes.

    Finally copy the meta.xml amd icon.png along with the compiled boot.dol to a new apps/wiimc-plus directory along with the other files from your apps/wiimc directory as per the documentation.

    The “Guide to WIIMC+V14 – A Structured Walkthru” provides a top level view of the Enhanced functions, including the JukeBox+ and Music+ features while the other Guides provide details on customizing Playlist Files, OnlineMedia Playlists, and the YouTube+, Jukebox+, Movies+ and Music+ features. They have all been updated to reflect any V14 changes and other information.

    Also available now are WIIMC+ “WII Channel” solutions developed and provided by 2 WIIMC+ users. These and their install instructions are available for download from the WIIMC+ area of the WIIMC Forum.



    Let me know if you still need some docs. I think I have still have some if you need them.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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