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    Have had WiiMC installed for years and run the Updates from WiiMC whenever they appear. However, numerous times now over the years, and twice in the last week, I’ve lost all my Network (SMB) settings (and I think all the other settings too). I turn on WiiMC and only my local portable HD and the SD card show up in the options, and nothing’s in the Network settings page so I have to set everything up again.

    Haven’t seen others complain about this so I’m assuming it’s just me, but just want to make sure.

    I think I’ll try deleting the WiiMC files off my SD and reinstalling it from scratch to see if that works.
    Any other ideas?

    A backup option would be handy 😉


    If WIIMC cannot find a valid settings file, it will generate the default settings file (with no smbs) and replace any existing settings.xml file. This will happen if the settings.xml file contains a version number greater than the current dol version (ie: you try to use an older WIIMC version) or if the xml is invalid which can happen if the file gets partially overwritten. To avoid this, I modded the code to issue a warning message if the version number is incorrect, and to backup the settings each time it is changed which allows me to restore if an overwrite occurs.


    ^ A late thanks for the explanation, and suggestion to use the Enhancement Pack.
    Nobody else has replied so I have to assume nobody else is having the problem.

    An update on my issue:
    I took the SD card out and deleted the WiiMC directory, then downloaded and unzipped the latest file from the site. Added a couple of Network shares folders and changed a few settings (music -> play Through, not Single). Hit ‘Home’ to exit and then checked to see if everything was okay – it was.

    Next day, ran WiiMC and no Network folders were listed. Re-Added them and noticed (as expected after reading jhb50’s post) that my Music play mode setting had also got lost – ie: the settings file must have got reset.

    Put my Shares in again. Next day, same thing.
    Put them in again. Fine for a few days, then all gone.

    Repeated many times.. can’t find any consistency – sometimes it’s 2 or 3 days between ‘wipes’, sometimes it happens the very same day that I reset everything.

    I checked that my SD card is writable and that there is plenty of free space left on it – there is.

    Tantric – is there anything I can do to help figure out why this is happening?


    I had a problem with this once,It turned out being the tab that locks the card from being overwritten was getiing pushed half way On/Off as i put the card in the slot.This caused a random write failure util i seen the tab was half way in-between On/Off one day.I Fixed it by glueing it to off.Also i have had problems with the brand of card.Some cards seem to just have problems,usualy you can tell by the slow speed while writing to them with a pc.You might try another card and see if it helps.Or by putting the settings folder on your usb.


    same problem I have wiimc stored on usb FAT 32 disk


    I have a similar issue. I have found that if you just exit WiiMC by hitting the Home key properly and gracefully shutting down the Wii, then all is good. If my kids just hit the Power Button on the Wiimote while inside of WiiMC, then the sometimes these files have issues:
    – restore_points get’s hosed
    – settings.xml get’s hosed
    – entire freeken sd:appsWiiMC folder can’t be read properly by the Wii. Need to delete folder in in WiiXplorer and copy back from a backup.

    I use only Kingston SD cards, unsure what Class but I believe they are Class 4 chips, 4Gig and 8Gig appropriately. Happens on both SD cards.

    I can make the problem go away, but just doing graceful shutdowns of the Wii. 🙁


    I have exactly the same issue now. 🙁
    While the settings are sometimes saved and sometimes get overwritten I’m pretty curious about the issue.
    Everyday I just watch a movie about WiiMC so there shouldnt be changed anything in the settings.xml.
    But obviously it changes!?

    @tstwitter So exiting by home screen-button and then hitting the power button on wiimote when in the nintendo wii menu helps? I also assumed that it could depend on the way I close WiiMC but it doesn’t matter in my case. I even backupped a settings.xml which looks fine but nevertheless gets overwritten.

    @jhb50 While you know the source: Is there any other point the settings.xml will be written than when saving some setting (or at least leaving the settings-tab)?
    Or when does this happen:

    which can happen if the file gets partially overwritten


    Edit: I see. At least the videosFolder-Attribute will be changed and in my case the path includes umlauts and spaces so perhaps the issue is character-related.

    Edit2: Okay. I found out that it is indeed a path related issue. If I remove umlauts and spaces everything keeps saved (I don’t know wether the spaces are really an issue but I removed them anyway and replaced them with underscores). Otherwise the settings.xml will be overwritten everytime. I opened a ticket for it (

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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