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    I want to load WiiMC via Channel Forwarder. I have installed IOS58, reinstalled the HBC and reinstalled the WiiMC channel, so the HBC and WiiMC definetly runs now under IOS58.

    WiiMC does now start when I open it via the channel forwarder, but my HDD seems like to be mounted and with a clicking noise (it restarts and loads up like i would turn it off and on). Finally, when WiiMC has been booted up, the HDD Drive is not listed because my HDD has not been booted up fast enough.

    The strange thing is my HDD will be recognized and listed when i load WiiMC via the Homebrew Channel, so I think the problem has to be in the boot up code of the Channel Forwarder. Or does anyone got an idea, how i can fix it? I also can start up WiiFlow via the Starnight Channel and the HBC without any problems.

    I use this HDD if it helps.

    BTW: Great piece of software! 😉


    Hi to all.
    I’ve the same problem. 😀

    till version 1.0.5 i’ve not this problem.


    Same here.

    Any idea?


    Same here. IOS58, WiiMC 1.0.9, WiiMC Channel 1.4.
    HDD gets recognized when I start WiiMC via HBC, but not when started via Channel.


    Same here. 😥


    What’s wierd is that i have the exact opposite. HDD seen if launched through Channel but not if launched through HBC.
    Suits me fine but thought i would put it out there.
    1.0.9 svn 486 with Enhancement Pack III for said build.


    My usb hd enclosure doesn’t mount with both the forwarder and hbc. i tried my friend’s usb hdd and it works thru hbc and the forwarder. his drive is a wd passport 500gb, my drive is a wd 250gb ide drive in a usb enclosure.


    Hi everyone,

    My buddies Wii was having the problem of his drive not being recognized when launched from HBC and CF 1.4 crashing back to the system menu. For those having problems running from HBC try removing from meta.xml. For those of you that are having problems with the CF try an older version of the forwarder. Version 1.1 works for my buddies wii. You can find the older copies of the CF here…

    Also see my thread for further explanation of how I figured this stuff out…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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