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    After extensive testing I can report the following.:

    1. All files with vp6 video streams (typically .flv’s from YouTube) up to 640×480 play. The former blocky artifacts problem has been fixed in 1.0.4.

    2. Files with AVC/H.264 video streams (typically .mp4, .mkv or .flv’s from YouTube or other sites) with resolutions up to 704×480 usually play correctly. Some at 640-720 will not and they and those from 720 but less than 1280 will start with a quickly frozen screen and WiiRemote, but then may start to play 1/3 to 2/3 of the way through and if left to play to the end will terminate and return to the video menu. Those of 1280×720 to 1920×1080 resolution will cause WIIMC to dump and restart. This is because the WII does not have enough power to decode these videos.
    You can avoid this problem by using the VLC Trancoding Solution , and transcode these videos on the fly while streaming them from a more powerful PC.

    3. Files with MPEG-4 Simple video streams (typically XVID/DIVX .avi’s) with resolutions up to 1280×720 have been reported as playing correctly.

    4. Files with MPEG-2 PS video streams (typically DVD rips and TV-DVR recorded .mpg’s) with resolutions up to 720×480 play correctly.

    5. Files with MPEG-2 TS video streams (typically HDTV recorded .ts files) with resolutions up to 1280×720 play correctly. Those of 1920×1080 resolution will cause WIIMC to dump and restart.

    6. AAC, AC3 and VORBIS Audio Streams all play correctly.

    Hope this is helpful to others. You can use “MediaInfo” to determine the attributes of your A/V files.


    7. WMV3(VC-1) Videos do not play.


    MP4 movies with H264 codec work also fine. I have a video playing with the resolution 688×288


    .iso files play fine if you change an unwanted extension in the boot.dol to .iso.


    @jbs wrote:

    .iso files play fine if you change an unwanted extension in the boot.dol to .iso.

    I haven’t been able to get it to work yet. The files do play but around 1/3 to 1/2 through they stop as noted here

    Was there anything else you did to get them to play all the way through.


    .flv files containing VP6 video streams, can take a long time to jump forward if you click on the timeline. The delay which looks like the system has frozen up is about 1 minute for each 5 minutes of skip, so if you jump to the middle of a 1 hour video be prepared to wait 6 minutes until it resumes playing. I have reported this as a possible bug.

    UPDATE: As of 1.0.4 none of my .flv files will jump forward. Any attempt to jump results in the termination of playback and return to the video menu. This is regardless of the Video Codec used (AVC/VP6/H263).

    This has been reported as Bug #142 but with “Very Low” severity and “Low” priority. The work around is MPLAYER-CE which can play and skip these files correctly.


    .mov-support would be cool… is it possible?


    WIIMC plays .flac very well ¡¡


    Just tried playing 848 x 480 MPEG4 Video (H264), it was playing, but some lags were noticeable.


    Yes, you are in the border will depend on the bitrate there as well but generally not watchable.


    A simple solution to avoiding the dump if you attempt to play HD files directly in WIIMC may be found at


    Regarding ISO files, I have found today that ISOs I have ripped from DVDs are not playing back correctly.

    Most ISOs I make are created using DVD Shrink. I do nothing special, usually just open the disc, re-author it to hold only the Main Movie title and create a backup of it into an ISO file.

    What I found WiiMC is doing is it will be playing a non-default audio track and usually showing the subtitles that go with that track. Often the audio track is like a track for people with hard of hearing or seeing. It has someone talking describing what is happening in the movie.

    At first I thought I had ripped the ISO incorrectly, but if I play the same files with Xbox original XBMC it plays fine with default settings. I never even knew these alternate audio tracks were being copied until today.

    I am using 1.0.6 version of WiiMC. Looked around for some audio track options but couldn’t find any. Maybe this can be added in a future release?


    The down arrow switches audio track, up arrow switches subtitles.


    With the new release, 480p MKVs play fine, but the subtitles are gone. Do I have to change the subtitle coding and language? UTF-8 doesn’t work.


    I can play .iso files over my network fine, but some files have no sound.
    On one .iso file in paticular it started out with sound, and I accidentally hit the down arrow, now I can’t get the sound to return.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 35 total)
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