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    The new gui is amazing, just one thing. In mplayer-ce, you could adjust some sub settings by adding some lines to the config file.

    For example:

    That is for latin subtitles, this way some characters like “¿” and “¡” would appear instead of a “?”.

    Is there a way to do it in the current config file or it’s something that needs to be added to the player?

    Thanks a bunch for this amazing piece of Wii Homebrew.


    I also wanted to ask for other languages, specifically Greek subtitle support. I’m not familiar with these programs but to get them displayed in GeeXbox for Wii I replaced the English subtitle font file with a Greek font file, which I suppose means I can’t have English subtitles that way, but it works well enough for me. Any idea how I’d get Greek subtitles in WiiMC? I had tried a similar method with MplayerCE but I don’t think I managed.

    Also yes, WiiMC seems incredible, so I’d like to replace GeeXbox with it in daily use 🙂


    Yeah, me too, when I used MplayerCE all I had to do to solve the problem was to add these extra lines in order to get the latin characters, like Á È Í Ó Ú, or çã, çõ, çe.

    But now with WiiMC there’s no config option that lets me add these ‘features’. So do I have to edit the code too? Is there a way? Or is that a feature you’ll be adding on the future vesions of the player?


    This was only an initial release. You’ll have to wait for all these little things to get done.


    We here from Brazil thank you a lot! 😀


    I really hope that comes soon!
    Anyway would it be possible to somehow hexedit to different codepage ?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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