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    Is it possible to integrate with ?

    “trakt keeps a comprehensive history of all tv shows and movies you are watching. Use one of our supported media center plugins and start sending this data automatically. Once you’ve configured your plugin, we’ll track your history effortlessly in the background without the need to manually check in. Request support for your media center”

    “In addition to the media centers and mobile apps, the trakt developer community is amazingly talented and has created lots of great apps, mashups, and libraries all based around the trakt API. Prepare to be impressed by these great projects and make sure to let the developers know you appreciate their work! We’d love to hear about your project.”

    *Integrate to “check-in” and “mark as seen” on

    Someone of posted this here (
    Jimmy Douglas March 25th, 2012 at 17:50 | #36 Reply | Quote Regarding integration, you can view our API docs at Let us know if you need any help!

    What do you think??


    Depends on what you are after. The Movies+ add-on for WIIMC+ already provides summary info on movies and allows you to watch the trailer and download the movie and subtitle. Interfacing to and all their tracking info would be much more difficult and probably not worth the effort for the few that would use it. WIIMC+ already keeps trach of videos that have been completely watched by adding a red checkmark to the listings and also allows you to delete from the WIIMC+ listings any movie that has been previously watched. That provides enough “tracking” for me.


    @jhb50 wrote:

    and allows you to watch the trailer and download the movie and subtitle.

    How this works?
    What’s the source of the subtitles?


    “Read about it here”


    well its time to get a new team on wiimc and lets call it wiimc xit will add alot ustream brand new and improve gui and more options and better stream support and drivers to make it run smoothly and beeter music playback and mush more come on people

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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