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    Luanching new WiiMC (1.1.0) from HBC works fine.

    Unable to install new Channel (1.5).

    – Needs IOS58
    – Then reinstall Homebrew Channel

    Do not understand. I already have IOS58 installed.

    Footnote: I removed the existing WiiMC channel through the Data Management system menu.

    Any suggestions please?




    OK…Thanks…Does this mean deleting the existing Homebrew Channel (through Data Management) and the use Bannerbomb/Hackmii installer to reinstall????

    thx again




    So get a version of latest hackmii installer…

    copy to SD card (root?)

    Then launch installer through existing HBC

    Install HBC on top of existing…??

    makes sense?

    Thx for helping with this.


    I think you put it in apps if your updating through HBC

    update should remove previous version automatically



    Problem fixed.

    updated the HBC by moving the boot.elf file from hackmii installer to new folder in ‘apps’.

    “new” HBC is now using IOS58 and the WiiMC channel installs like a dream….

    Appreciate all your help..


    Ok I am running hbc in ios 58 and when I run the loader for wiimc channel it says nands not found. What dose this mean.


    I’m running latest HBC and cant install channel i get Error unable to attain nand access.


    I think you need to use Dop-Mii to patch the IOS58, with the option “Apply NAND Permissions Patch?”

    I will try this.


    I had previous version of WiiMC and WiiMC Channel, so just to help anyone in the same situation who is unsure what to do:
    – 1. Take SD card out of Wii and insert into computer
    – 2. Go to the WiiMC downloads page: http://www.wiimc.org/downloads/
    – 3. Download & open the WiiMC 1.1.0 (Update) zip file.
    – 4. Extract the /apps folder to the root of the SD card (‘apps’ contents will be added to existing ‘SD:apps’ folder)
    – 5. From the same page, download & open the WiiMC Channel Installer 1.5 zip file
    – 6. Extract the /apps folder to the root of the SD card, as in Step #4.
    – 7. Go to http://bootmii.org/download/ and download the Hackmii Installer v0.8 zip file.
    – 8. Extract the boot.elf file from the Hackmii Installer zip to a new folder on your SD Card. ex: SD:HBC
    – 9. Go to http://wiibrew.org/wiki/IOS58_Installer and download and open the IOS58 Installer zip file.
    – 10. Extract the /apps folder to the root of the SD card, as in Step #4 & 6.
    – 11. Take SD Card out of computer and insert it in Wii
    – 12. On the Wii, go to The Homebrew Channel.
    – 13. Load: IOS58 Installer (straightforward install)
    – 14. Load: HBC (ie: whatever folder you created in Step#8 in which you put the HBC boot.elf file — it should say beneath the title). After the ‘This software must not be sold‘ warning has shown for 15-20secs, a prompt will appear. Press ‘1’ on the Wiimote to continue and you should see “The Homebrew Channel: Can be installed” in green. Hit ‘a’ to ‘Continue’ then use the direction pad Up to get to ‘Install The Homebrew Channel’. Hit ‘A’ and let it do its thing). Finally, hit ‘Exit’. (I think it went back to System Menu at this point – if not, exit HBC and restart it – the top-right corner of HBC should say “1.0.8” and “IOS58 v24.31” now).
    – 15. Load: WiiMC Channel Installer. It should install without issue, using IOS058.
    – 16. Exit HBC to Wii System Menu.
    – 17. You should see a WiiMC channel. Launch WiiMC.
    – 18. Click the WiiMC logo in the top-right corner and confirm that the Version# is “1.1.0” and the IOS is “58”.
    – 19. (optional) Go back into HBC and delete the ‘WiiMC Channel Installer’, the “IOS058 Installer’, and the ‘HBC’ folder you created in Step#8. This will remove them from the HBC listings and also the SD card. (I actually chose to leave the ‘HBC’ folder with the boot.elf file in it intact just in case it was ever needed again in the future).


    – 13. Load IOS58 installer.
    When i do this it says Error Installation Failed.


    I used http://www.mediafire.com/?a54x6u2vr3ovbyn IOS58-64-v6176 instead and it worked with this. Thanks for the info

    Tester cIOS


    These install problems have been a real pain in the butt! However, if I hadn’t got all excited and updated to 4.3 using Wanin’s update I probably wouldn’t have had the problem.

    Basically after updating to 4.3 (using Waninkokos updater) I was constantly getting the “NAND Access” error using channel installer 1.4 and 1.5. I reinstalled HBC and still had the same problem but after a quick syscheck I noticed that nearly all my IOS files were marked “truncha patched” including IOS58.

    I know that other posters have referred to making sure you have IOS58 loaded but I did and HBC was using it so I didn’t see it as a problem. Anyhow, just for shits and giggles I redownloaded a clean IOS58 (using Tantrics installer) and the installer now works fine. Of course now my IOS58 doesn’t show as “patched” using syscheck but so long as it works I’m a happy bunny 🙂

    Thanks for a great Media Player, you guys rock.


    @steslatt wrote:

    I used http://www.mediafire.com/?a54x6u2vr3ovbyn IOS58-64-v6176 instead and it worked with this. Thanks for the info

    Thanks, I used this and it worked too.

    For others, when updating/reinstalling the Homebrew Channel (HBC) to 1.08 first click uninstall to delete the old version, and then click install to install the new version. This way it would load from IOS58 next time it loads. (Installing without removing the old version didn’t work).

    After reinstalling it will be possible to use the channel installer to install WiiMC as a channel.

    Thanks to the WiIMC team!! 🙂


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