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    VLCShares is a web-app written in php. It aims to extend WiiMC online media tab features allowing to watch HD Files through vlc transcoding, fetch medias from websites (ex. Megavideo, AllSp, etc etc) and make them viewable in WiiMC without have to download them first. It also provide same features for Android Phones too.

    More pictures

    What’s new in this version:

    * A new automatic installation script for Ubuntu 10.10
    * Windows installer with fixed permissions
    * A new global Online Library where you can add your links through the global BookMarklet or manually.
    * Live channels for BBC News, SkyNews24, Cielo, Inter TV, …. added
    * User authentication to protect installations on PC available through Internet
    * Lots new hoster added: the good old megavideo, youtube, vimeo, veoh, dailymotion, veetle, videobb, 4shared, movshares, sopcast
    * Integration with RTMPDump, so RTMP/RTMPE streams are available through vlc-shares
    * Integration with SOPCast (someone said live sport events? :O)
    * AudioSwitcher integrated, to choose the audio track you want to transcode
    * Spanish translation introduced
    * New apis for developer for hosters plugins interactions and global pagination
    * Bug fixes…. and so on…

    Complete changelog:

    *** 0.5.4 (22/4/2011) ***
    – Automatic installer for Ubuntu 10.10
    – Automatic installer for Windows: permissions fixed
    – Documentation updates in the wiki
    – Authetication features
    – build script improved
    – robots.txt
    – System report
    – rules for magic_quotes and register_globals in htaccess and system tests
    – audio quality for Android LQ improved (ab=20 -> ab=64)
    – Android LQ is the new default profile for android devices
    – New hoster helper
    – New bookmarklets
    – Global Online library introduced with multi-hoster support (this one replace the Megavideo Library)
    – New set of plugins for many hosters (megavideo, megaupload, youtube, videobb, 4shared, veoh, veetle, dailymotion, sopcast)
    – Older plugins updated for new hoster api where needed
    – Pagination helper
    – RTMPDump integrated (without transcoding, so it doesn’t work for android devices)
    – SopCast integrated
    – New plugin for MyP2P.eu
    – Online installation of plugins without have to download them first through plugin installer
    – A short (english only) plugin description is available in the installation page
    – Partial translation for es_ES language available
    – Some live TV channels (working through rtmpdump) added in Online Library (for testing)
    – VLCShares main url is changed from http://IPADDRESS/vlc-shares/public to http://IPADDRESS/vlc-shares/

    Manual installation package: http://vlc-shares.googlecode.com/files/vlc-shares_0.5.4.zip
    Please use instruction in the wiki for the installation: https://code.google.com/p/vlc-shares/wiki/Installation

    Automatic Windows installer: http://vlc-shares.googlecode.com/files/vlc-shares_0.5.4_installer.exe
    The installer includes:

    • EasyPhp 5.3.3i
    • Zend Framework 1.10.6
    • VLCShares 0.5.4

    Please use instructions in the wiki for the installation:

    Automatic Ubuntu installer: http://vlc-shares.googlecode.com/files/vlc-shares_0.5.4_ubuntu-installer.sh
    Please use instructions in the wiki for the installation:

    Post installation guide: https://code.google.com/p/vlc-shares/wiki/Configuration

    WiiMC configuration guide:

    In the installation process a list of plugins can be installed. A complete list of plugins (and their feautures) is available in the project wiki: https://code.google.com/p/vlc-shares/wiki/PluginsList#Plugins_List

    Other resources:

    FAQ and Troubleshotting:

    A reference guide for plugin’s APIs is available at http://code.google.com/p/vlc-shares/wiki/PluginsAPI

    For issue about this version add a post in this thread (please, attach a full debug log) or open a support ticket (it’s better) in the project site


    Great, Sopcast! Now if only I was at home…


    just one question…why there is only 3 pages of channels on veetle?…everything else just perfect, this is excellent program…thank you for sharing


    @robik wrote:

    just one question…why there is only 3 pages of channels on veetle?

    The following link may explain.

    Why some veetle links don’t work ?


    Hi, I’m having problems. Vlc-Shares was working fine last night. Tried logging in on my internet browser this morning.

    I’m given the following message in my browser when trying to browse to http://localhost/vlc-shares/public.

    Object not found!

    The requested URL was not found on this server. The link on the referring page seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of that page about the error.

    If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.

    Error 404

    05/06/11 13:55:17
    Apache/2.2.16 (Win32) PHP/5.3.3

    Could you help a chap out.


    Remove the public from the Url in onlinemedia.xml


    @ximarx wrote:

    Remove the public from the Url in onlinemedia.xml

    onlinemedia.xml from my sd card?


    @ximarx wrote:

    Remove the public from the Url in onlinemedia.xml

    onlinemedia.xml from my sd card?

    I also get the same message when trying to access…


    Always: remove the public always!


    Public is removed. same message in browser. As I said before it was working up untill two days ago.


    Is EasyPHP working? Have you launched it?

    If you have skype, teamviewer or other services or programs that use port 80 while you start easyphp, it will no start properly.


    I just uninstalled it then reinstalled vlcshares. Works fine now
    I use a different port for skype anyways.



    Hey ximarx, thanks heaps for vlc-shares! Installed it primarily to watch HD video files, but am enjoying exploring all the extras in the latest version. Under the youtube settings, I have linked the BBCWorldwide account.They have over 1400 uploaded videos, but wiimc will only display a list of the latest 50. I’m wondering if there is a way to access the full list? Cheers.


    myp2p changed domain, so it no longer works on vlc shares…can it be fixed?
    thank you


    What is the new domain?

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