WiiMote Plus doesn’t work with the Channel Installer.

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    Yes, I **sadly** have the new WiiMote Plus model (RVL-CNT-01-TR). I know that in order to solve this problem, the application has to be recompiled with the latest libraries. I would do it myself, but the source for the Channel Installer isn’t available anywhere, and there’s basically no need to recompile the Forwarder per se.

    So, please, can you (Tantric) recompile the installer? Or at least provide a channel dump to install it with other applications? Thanks in advance.


    push 🙂


    Nevermind, I was able to get the WAD file from the Installer itself by searching its “magic word” (00 00 00 20 49 73) with a hex editor. Since it was built with the WAD Tools made by Leathl (because the Encrypted Title Key offset has the string “GottaGetSomeBeer” :lol:), it was fairly easy to know where it ended, because an unencrypted Time Stamp is always included in the footer of the channels created by those tools. In this case, it was “TmStmp1316990711”.

    If anyone wants the WAD file, just send me a PM.


    Just wondering whether there are any plans to update the channel installer to work with the Wii Remote Plus.

    I’d use the same workaround as PabloACZ, but I’m new to this Wii Homebrew lark, and right now I wouldn’t know a WAD from my elbow. 🙂


    Thanks Pablo, I had the same issue and I expect many in the future will.

    It seems like Wii Mod is fairly well supported, maybe releasing just the WAD without the installer makes the most sense.


    Could anyone send or upload the wad?
    Pable seems to be not available. 🙁


    For anyone wanting to install via a Wad here you go. This is the stock forwarder channel extracted using BlueDump.


    I’ve already uploaded a new installer that works with the new wiimotes.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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