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    Make sure you have write permission on the card.
    It could be trying to go to an old location at startup, so i’d try renaming your settings file or a fresh wimmc install.

    Does it happen by loading with the channel or through homebrew, or both.

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    It’s been years since I messed with this stuff, That said.

    1. Almost positive only early model wii’s could play dvd’s. Later models had the dvd reader in the drive disabled.
    You should be able to search the web and see what year/serial that started

    2. You also need the ios installed. I think it was ios 052.
    Same way you need one to the enable the back usb slot to read flash /hd drives.

    Best way is to just rip them into .mp4 and put them on a usb stick
    or stream it to wiimc from your pc using samba shares.
    At one time I shared my whole DVD drive on my PC, then connected wiimc to it via samba share.

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    Let me know if you still need some docs. I think I have still have some if you need them.

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    You can just right click on the folders you want to share and select (Share With) option. (This has a limit)
    This can also be done under properties/sharing. When you right click on folders.
    Also inside this section you can pick the usernames/accounts that can access the shared folder.

    You shouldn’t have to be logged onto your PC, it just has to be turned on and on the logon screen.

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    WiiMc doesn’t access your media streaming service the same as a playstation.

    Wiimc can only access through smb aka samba shares or ftp.
    (As in right click and share folder).
    You can only access on a per Shared folder base… up to like 4 or 5 shares

    Your connect info (username/password) will depend if your using (Homegroup) or not.
    If not using homegroup then you use the same username and pass as your windows logon…

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