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    i absolutely dont get the hostility…first off if you haven’t at least an iota of technical ability you absolutely shouldn’t be modding consoles to begin with. if you got far enough to even soft-mod the wii you should have little to no trouble from this application.

    it is pretty well planned out, and likely pretty well written. the bulk of the media player is borrowing code from mplayer which is the best media player ever…

    oh well… tantric and rodries … both of you have done an absolutely fantastic job on this app. it is hands-down one of the best applications out there for the wii. there are a lot of talented coders working hard to bring us these things for no money, very little time, and and almost effort on our parts. the least we can do is give you all a big hand and hope that you never listen to people who obviously came with the intention of trolling to begin with. you guys are great, your media center is off to a smashing start regardless of what anyone says.

    im not the kiss-ass type either… lol. this is seriously one of the cleanest apps ive run on my wii…barring a few crashes here and there which i expect in homebrew, it is fantastic.

    people don’t understand that you guys are basically doing everything that you do based on reverse engineering and very little released documentation on a completely closed platform… kudos to every wiibrew developer.

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