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    For that problem you mentioned, try adding this to your onlinemedia.xml:

    It tricks WiiMC into thinking it’s an http video source and obviously fails right away, in effect stopping the last video you were playing. You don’t need to reboot, load something else, and it does not make you wait for a timeout, so it’s perfect.

    For transcoding, these settings work really well with a MPEGTS muxer:

    Encoder: MPEG2
    Video Bitrate: 200
    Width: 640

    Encoder: AC3
    Audio Bitrate: 128
    Channels: 2

    This cuts down on the bandwidth required, so you only need to buffer when there is an excessive amount of video data for a scene. You’d think that there would be a big difference between a video bitrate of 200 and 2000, but this is not really the case. The bright scenes still look good and the dark scenes still don’t have enough colors to look decent. Any video you feed your Wii that has a width over 640 gets downscaled so it’s good practice to have your computer do it for it.

    in reply to: The mp4 issue #30500

    That’s odd, can you post the encoding information so I can reproduce? I plan to make some patches to added some features when I get the time/energy. Might as well look into this while I’m at it(as long as it’s not setting related).

    in reply to: NaviProx for WiiMC (extended support for Navi-X) #30663

    Thanks, feel free to ask if you have any problems, need help, or have any input. This last version released should improve things quite a bit.

    I honestly didn’t know about VLC-Shares when I made this, but I suppose that project is very different and it’s nice to have multiple options available. Can’t say I like all it’s dependencies either, though I do like their GUI.

    in reply to: The mp4 issue #30498

    I imagine your talking about H.264 encoded video. It’s a much heavier compression compared to xvid which is why it’s used for high resolution video. There’s a threshold where the data that must be decoded is more than the cpu can handle, so the video lags. Apart from these HD files, WiiMC handles MPEG-4 perfectly for me. It’s MPlayer, just like MPlayerCE. The only real differences are the interface, Wii-specific extra features, and the version of MPlayer/FFmpeg it’s currently synced with.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)


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