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    Hello World,

    This is Bill again with Team Navi-X. Seeing as how there is no real tutorial about using Navi-X on WiiMC, I will now attempt to explain the basic functionality and features of Navi-X.

    The most important thing for you to know about Navi-X is that we host user created playlists, where users can add links to popular online media to a playlist for personal playback or for sharing with other users. What this means for you WiiMC users is that you can create an online community of playlists for watching via the internet and online media. You can also have your playlists added to our Users Directory for browsing and sharing with other WiiMC users. The cool part about this is if people using WiiMC create playlists for Navi-X, a MASSIVE online archive of content can be created and shared with all!! It’s like having your own online community for sharing working online content with all other WiiMC users!!

    Now for some Navi-X history… Navi-X was created originally for the Xbox Media Center or XBMC. It was originally a script or plugin for XBMC that allows you to stream Video, Audio, Pictures, Text, RSS, Podcasts, Movies, TV Shows, Music, Streaming Radio, Live Streams and video site hosted content. The entire premise of Navi-X is that everything is created with a series of playlists which are organized and linked together internally for continuous navigation, organization and browsing of online media content, added by users of Navi-X. Navi-X features began to expand with the help of “media portals”, where users could add their own links to content playlists for sharing or playback instantly. Navi-X began to expand it’s content as well using something called “Processors”, which are like plugins for XBMC that can be maintained from our server… so instead of traditional plugins, where you HAVE to download the latest update every time the site admin changes something on their website, we just update the “Processor” and nobody has to download anything new in order to experience near seamless connectivity to the most popular websites hosting content on the internet. Today, with over 85,000 continuous users of Navi-X, we have built an entire online playlist directory where people can browse media from popular sources for playback or download inside of Navi-X from our Networks directory or our user created playlists, created from people just like you!

    What you need to know about Navi-X inside of WiiMC right now!!… For starters, WiiMC is not yet fully capable of replicating all of the features and functions of Navi-X. This means the only thing WiiMC users will see inside of Navi-X is content that is currently capable of working in WiiMC for playback… we here at Navi-X have filtered out non-working content from our directories automatically for you so when you browse content in Navi-X, you will only see WiiMC compatible content for the time being… This means none of the more incredible features in Navi-X are available in WiiMC’s connection to Navi-X at this time, including Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, RSS, Text, Pictures or anything requiring a Processor. The good news is, with time and progress; these features may eventually become available for WiiMC users!! As we get the opportunity to port our code over for use in WiiMC, we hope to eventually offer these things as well one day. Until then, you are limited to only direct linking to Video and Audio content that WiiMC can playback.

    How do I create playlists inside of Navi-X??… Go to to create a free account so you get access to live chat, forums and our playlist hosting system. Once your account is created, you can begin creating playlists on Navi-X for instant access inside of Navi-X for WiiMC! Then you should be able to access Navi-X in WiiMC and find your playlist in the “User List”, once it has been created. Once you add a link to Navi-X, that’s it!! Your content is accessible and live via Navi-X instantly!!

    If you have Navi-X related questions, feel free to check out our forums for help and details or post here and I will look for your post when it applies to Navi-X.

    For many of you, this is a brand new concept that might be hard to understand at first, but with a little help and reading, I think you will find Navi-X to be one of the coolest features in WiiMC!! With a little programming and time, Navi-X will surely get better and better for WiiMC users, as well as offer more content for you in the future! If anybody needs any help whatsoever or has questions regarding Navi-X, feel free to ask about them here! I hope this better explains what exactly Navi-X is and sheds a little light on this new feature. I hope you enjoy it!

    Warm Regards,


    P.S. Got Questions… Ask Away!!


    Okay… unfortunately I just spent 20 minutes detailing something really, really cool for you, only to see the post disappear… so this time, I’m saving my post in notepad first so I don’t have to type this again!

    Here is the short version of my previous post…

    Who would like to be able to stream movies and tv shows RIGHT NOW from Navi-X in WiiMC without having to wait for new updates to WiiMC?!?!

    I thought you would! 😀

    What I am outlining now is a “beat-around-the-bush” way of streaming tv shows and movies right now from popular hosts like Videofriender and MegaVideo inside of a playlist in Navi-X on WiiMC!! You wouldn’t have to wait for updates to WiiMC to do this and it’s fairly easy to do!!

    1. Go to and create a free account with Navi-Xtreme, our Navi-X Media Portal for users of Navi-X. Here’s the link to creating a free account if you have trouble finding it. 😀
    2. Once created and logged in, go to the Home Page and click on “Navi-X Simulator”.
    3. Once the simulator is opened, click on Navi-Xtreme > Search. You can then search one of many popular items not yet available in WiiMC’s Navi-X, including movies and tv shows from Videofriender and MegaVideo, our 2 most popular processors.
    4. Once you found a link to a movie or tv show, click on it and a static URL website link will appear at the top of the simulator.
    5. Copy and paste this link to notepad or wordpad for later use.
    6. AT THIS POINT, you have 15 minutes to an hour to add and playback these links in a Navi-X playlist, after getting the static link. I would make your playlist “Private” so when you browse to your playlist, only you will see this. Note: The links are only good for clicking once, which is why you should make your list private!!
    7. Once you added the links to your playlist on Navi-Xtreme’s website, go to Navi-X in WiiMC and browse for your list in “My Playlists”. Any playlist you make shows up here!
    8. Click on the movie or tv show link in your playlist to play it back in WiiMC! Enjoy!

    If anybody needs this process explained another way, let me know and I’ll try to explain it another way until you understand… it should be pretty straight forward though 😀

    Enjoy the start of something beautiful!



    I’m getting an “Online media file not found” error when clicking the Online Media tab… Would anybody know why is this?

    Navi-X integration sounds great, but sadly, I haven’t been able to test it yet…


    Well I’m no WiiMC tech, but from my understanding, you have to have an onlinemedia.xml file in your WiiMC build to access Online Media. By default, from my understanding one should come with WiiMC when you download the files from here. Someone from Team WiiMC would be appreciated right about now 😀



    For those of you still learning about the Navi-X playlist system, I have included a link to my WiiMC compatible playlist of Adult Swim shows with almost full episode lists… best part is, you can watch all the Adult Swim shows in WiiMC right now from my online playlist!!

    Here is the link to Adult Swim shows:

    You can add this to your onlinemedia.xml or browse for it in Navi-X under Online Media… take your pick. If anyone else has a playlist they would like to share and make known, please post here the details and location of your playlist!



    Okay, now that I can see the Navi-X main menu for WiiMC, I figured I would explain what each section is in the Navi-X portal.

    Here is a list in order of the menu selections and what each section is for. If you don’t understand this stuff, read above to get more details on what Navi-X is.

    Having troubles getting to Navi-X??
    Here is the direct link to the playlist for you to include in your onlinemedia.xml file…


    My Playlists – This is where you can go directly to your playlists you create on Navi-Xtreme at
    Apple iTunes Podcasts – I was pretty sure I was told WiiMC cannot parse RSS feeds yet, so I’m confused as to why it’s in the Wii version of Navi-X in the first place… I will find out more about this and report back.
    Search navi-xtreme – should be a search query for finding content in Navi-Xtreme. I don’t think WiiMC allows for search queries, but I will investigate this more as well.
    Most-viewed lists of the last 24 hours – The most viewed lists in Navi-X are tallied every time someone visits a playlist hosted on Navi-Xtreme… the more popular the lists are, the higher up the list they are, giving you access to the most and best working content.
    Most-viewed lists of the last 7 days – Same concept, but longer average rates.
    Most-recently updated lists – The most recently updated playlists on Navi-Xtreme… looking for the newest stuff, check here first.
    Latest media entries – Broken down into single entries, from newest to oldest.
    User media – full list – This is an alphabetized list of playlists that users create in Navi-X. These are the main entry to playlists which sometimes expand and have tons and tons of other links to other playlists nested inside of their primary playlist. My playlist is called “iRoNBiLL’s Playlists”, but sometimes people just want to promo new stuff or make sections titled differently, like “Boseman’s Movies” or “BBC News” or “Horror Films”. This is the main directory of all content on Navi-Xtreme.
    User media – by user – Same as above, but organized alphabetically by your Navi-Xtreme user name you choose when first creating a Navi-X account.

    As more and more information comes in using whatever means necessary to get it, I will let you all know as soon as I do. If you work on Team WiiMC or Team Navi-X, feel free to chime in about inconsistencies or things that need to be changed. Thanks.



    Hey folks,

    I recently uploaded a couple of demo tracks from my buddies, JSinn and MOE. If you guys want to check out the playlist to hear 2 demo tracks, it’s located in Navi-X… under “User Lists”…”iRoNBiLL’s Playlist” or you can add this somewhere in WiiMC. This is from JSinn’s mixtape series hosted by Navi-X!

    Good rap demo for you rap folks out there, lol!

    As Real As It Gets: Volume 3 – Out June 10th!!



    My good friend Dominater over at Team Navi-X wanted to make sure you all have access to Cartoon Network as well… so he chopped up a playlist for you guys with TONS of episodes from Cartoon Network for WiiMC users… enjoy Saturday morning cartoon from your WiiMC! Have a good weekend!!



    Ok, I finally found what was wrong with my WiiMC and Navi-X…

    I did have the “onlinemedia.xml” in my WiiMC folder, but that folder is in a secondary partition in my external HDD. It’s a FAT32 partition where I have all my homebrew (since I do not use SD cards). The primary partition is NTFS and were I store my backups.

    WiiMC is using the primary partition to look for it’s configuration file. I noticed each time I tried to change a configuration, WiiMC said it could not edit the configuration file and I later saw it had created a configuration xml in a folder /Apps/WiiMC located in the NTFS partition instead of the FAT32 where the App is really located.

    I copied the “onlinemedia.xml” file in this folder on the NTFS partition and the App found it and I could finally use the online media.

    Testing Navi-X right now, liking it very much so far, be back with comments later.

    Just in case anyone else hits this problem too…


    Thanks for the feedback! Hopefully your heads up will help others. Navi-X is kinda empty right now, but I got good news for everyone… looks like our programmer Turner is going to take a shot at porting over the processor engine to C code for WiiMC!!

    If you’re wondering what this means, it means you’ll be able to watch videos from the following websites from inside WiiMC!! More news to come!!



    How to play youtube video. I’ve already add video to my Navi-X playlist but when I click on My Playlists in WiiMC it say “Playlist does not contain any supported entries!”


    I could be mistaken but I think it can’t do YouTube videos (yet) – i.e. a link to the video page – I think you have to link to the .flv file which I don’t think you can do directly into YouTube – might have to download the .flv file and put it somewhere else on the web and link to it there … again, this is just conjecture on my part and I haven’t tested this yet.


    People… i’m with a serious problem!!!
    On the Online Media, i have to click in Radio or SHOUTcast or Navi-Xtreme Media Portal, and choosing any links (Internet TV, Internet Radio, Navi-Xtreme, etc…) and “Please Wait – Initailizing Network”… but this error occurs showing “Error – Unable to initialize network (Error#: -116)”, then click in Cancel and show “Error – Error loading file”.

    And now??
    Help me!!!


    That is correct foxtwin, WiiMC is not yet able to play YouTube videos via Navi-X. We use what are called “Processors” which decode the final URL output on the fly via Navi-X, but this is not yet supported on WiiMC. The good news is, our good friend Turner on Team Navi-X is in the process of attempting to port over our language standardized “NIPL Engine” (hee hee!… nipple) to WiiMC!! This means people would be able to add links to videos on many popular websites and play them back on WiiMC. I will let you know when this becomes a reality if Team WiiMC doesn’t let you know first. 😀

    However… if you want to play a YouTube video via a playlist now, you can use the Navi-Xtreme website to get the final URL for the video, making your YouTube video playable in Navi-X. Here’s how to do it…

    1. Go to and add a YouTube video link to a playlist… for example, here is “Hung Parliament in 3 minutes” from YouTube I found today:

    2. I pasted the link into a Navi-Xtreme playlist and it instantly decoded the final URL output to this for me: , which is playable in WiiMC since it’s a direct link to a media file.

    3. Copy and paste this link with the extension .swf into your playlist and set the type as “video”. Give it a name and some details.

    4. Browse to your playlist in WiiMC via Navi-X online media and select it for playback. There ya go!

    The best news yet for WiiMC is that our chief engineer of the online playlist system is diverting some time over to WiiMC to make this something very special for you all, so don’t be suprised if WiiMC grows wings and flys once these things are in place!! Here is a list of 85 processors to major video hosting website we currently have… good news is nobody will ever have to update anything on their end… as long as our admins fix these things, they will always work for you! Beats having to update plugins every day. 😀
    (You need to create a free user id to view this list!)

    Anymore questions, fire away!


    P.S. As for your error with initializing online media, I would maybe try the IRC chatroom for this because there will be questions best asked during troubleshooting that can only be answered in turn. Im sure someone in the IRC chat can troubleshoot with you.


    Still not work. Should I put something in “Processor” or just leave it blank?

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