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    Ok, I’m stumped.

    I’ve registered on the site, installed the GreaseMonkey script in Firefox and added some videos to my playlist, which I set to “private”. I added 2 YouTube vids + 1 MegaUpload + 1 from – no problems there, everything works great in the webpage Preview sim.

    Then I go to my Wii, and load up WiiMC.
    I go to Online Media–> Navi-Xtreme Media Portal –>My Playlists….
    and it says “Error – Playlist does not contain any supported entries”.
    All the lists in the public folders work fine, of course.

    Question: Why should I expect WiiMC to know what’s in MY private list and where to find it if WiiMC hasn’t ever asked me for my Navi-X username and password???? Please explain.

    Question 2: If in WiiMC, I go to the ‘Settings – Online Media’ page, and click on ‘Online Media Folder’, it is blank.
    Am I meant to type something in here?

    None of the above is explained anywhere that I can find.

    I’ve seen person after person with the problem told “your videos require a processor, you can’t use those on the Wii”. Fair enough – if it’s not a username/password or folder name issue, please provide us with a link to a video that we CAN use to test it out!

    Being able to create private user lists sounds quite promising but if many of us can’t figure out how to use it on our Wiis, that’s no good!

    Thanks for taking the time to help get this compatible with the Wii and for answering our questions here — and of course thanks to our WiiMC development team for all their hard work!!




    Question1:Why should I expect WiiMC to know what’s in MY private list and where to find it if WiiMC hasn’t ever asked me for my Navi-X username and password???? Please explain.

    – Our system is setup so users who have not registered at our website get a notice at the top of their Navi-X menu when they enter it in the Wii, About Navi-Xtreme. This should explain what this does basically and where to go to register so your playlists show up here.

    Users who have registered at our website have their ip tagged when they visit our site so when your wii comes up on that ip, your playlists automatically populate for just you. If you move or go to a friends house, simply check out the website, click sync ip, and your content will populate automatically when you bring up Navi-X via WiiMC. Your username is then tied to an ip, making all this populating automatic, but you wont see it until you register and have read our noobie message.

    Question 2: If in WiiMC, I go to the ‘Settings – Online Media’ page, and click on ‘Online Media Folder’, it is blank.
    Am I meant to type something in here?

    – Navi-X, believe it or not has absolutely nothing to do with your Online Media Settings… WiiMC just links to our portal and does basic .plx playlist parsing… that’s it!! Sounds like your WiiMC application does not display these features for some reason… get with Team WiiMC in another forum post regarding this issue.

    As for processor links, I specifically made a statement in the very first post of this forum about this but I’ll repeat it here for everyone since I’m getting an ass load of support tickets about it, even though I tried telling every one again and again… one more time, as it bares repeating…

    What you need to know about Navi-X inside of WiiMC right now!!… For starters, WiiMC is not yet fully capable of replicating all of the features and functions of Navi-X. This means the only thing WiiMC users will see inside of Navi-X is content that is currently capable of working in WiiMC for playback… we here at Navi-X have filtered out non-working content from our directories automatically for you so when you browse content in Navi-X, you will only see WiiMC compatible content for the time being… This means none of the more incredible features in Navi-X are available in WiiMC’s connection to Navi-X at this time, including Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, RSS, Text, Pictures or anything requiring a Processor. The good news is, with time and progress; these features may eventually become available for WiiMC users!! As we get the opportunity to port our code over for use in WiiMC, we hope to eventually offer these things as well one day. Until then, you are limited to only direct linking to Video and Audio content that WiiMC can playback.

    Making a playlist isn’t hard stuff if you understand what it is you are doing… just like going to Shoutcast or YouTube… making a playlist their is a simple process, but takes some concentration to understand… don’t worry… 4024 users at Navi-Xtreme are using our system just fine and we are about to pickup the Boxee community… with a little bit of reading at our forums, you would have already been where you wanted to be…remember, good things are sometimes a little more difficult to understand at first, but it’s like riding a bike… you get better at it over time.

    As for you not finding any content to put in a playlist, it sounds like you haven’t visited our forums yet so I would expect you haven’t read this here or there yet, but I promise it’s noted… you can only link to content directly on the internet… so it has to end with a file extension like this… http://videosite/movie/movie.avi…. or .flv or .mp4, etc…. WiiMC is not able to handle URL redirects at this time, but my buddy on Team Navi-X here is working to help Team WiiMC with this…

    You want a link to test???

    WiiMC claims it can play this back so give it a try.

    I hope this was a more thorough explanation to your likings… try to check out forums next time at Navi-Xtreme as I promise all I just discussed is in there. Have a good one!




    ^ That’s great, ironbill, thanks. I’ve finally got it working, thanks to the video link you posted for me. I can now see my folders(I made one public & one private, just to test) and access them both and get the direct-linked video to play. Good stuff! 😛

    The other day, before I posted here, I had been to the navix site, signed up and created playlists (as I thought was clear from my previous post). I read everything I could related to WiiMC there and even tried searching through the forums but all I found was the same dead-ends to my questions that I’d already found here. (That forum set up is not very user friendly – can’t middle-click links to open threads in a new tab; can’t sort search results by date, etc like most forums). I’m still not quite sure what happened but I had added a direct link to a flv file in the 2nd folder I’d created, but that folder never showed up on the Wii, though it was present in My Playlists in the web-browser and sim. Anyhow, it’s all good now. And now of course thanks to your explanation I’m completely clear on why my other Playlist items weren’t showing up or weren’t playable on the Wii.

    That’s pretty clever about the IP-address auto-sync thing.
    I had not, and actually still do not see “sync ip” anywhere on the navi-x site under “My playlists”. Is that something I’d only see if I wasn’t using the original IP address? Or where should I be looking?



    Sync IP will only show up if the ip address tagged by the website is different than before. Otherwise, assume sync is working fine. As for the forums, they are pretty messy right now… but I think a forum condensing is in order. 😀


    P.S. Navi-X “officially” became the most popular Boxee plugin ever this week… and it’s only been on Boxee for a week!! Freakin sweet!



    Looks like we hit a snag in development for making processors work in WiiMC. Broken informed me he will get with Turner about this to see if there is a work around. Because WiiMC as a package is almost full, he is unable to add python libraries to simply port over the NIPL interpreter, thus a server side solution may have to be tailored for users of Wii and unintelligent devices, if it’s even possible. Will keep you posted.




    …Or just translate the scripts from Python to C or C++. Seriously, they’re not that long.



    Unless you have the time and experience enabling you to do this, you should speak directly to the dev team via email Tantric regarding Navi-X development with WiiMC. They can better inform you of the complications, as from my understanding, we are not looking to translate 85 processors just for WiiMC to use, since 6 other platforms support them just fine. Also, I’ve been told just translating the script wont work because there is no room left to expand on WiiMC… just make changes and updates.

    I am simply communicating to the users this information since they asked for this… I figured you were talking directly with our team already regarding these issues, so I’m confused as to why you would tell me this information as I have stated prior I’m not a developer, but a coordinator. Get with Rodejo, Turner and BrokenCodes regarding these issues please. Thanks.




    If anybody is interested in watching movie streams in WiiMC via Navi-X, here is a link to 2 short tutorials on how to do this for now until we implement the processor interpreter in the future. (Note: You have to sign into Navi-Xtreme to view this forum post below)




    I made a playlist but it doesn’t work. I am brand new to the WiiMC so any help would be good. The link I am trying to use is below, plus I have a screen shot too. Thanks for your help.

    Uploaded with



    Okay… WiiMC does not support processors for adding website links to a Navi-X playlist for WiiMC yet. Good news is you can at least get a temporary link to watch stuff from a playlist on WiiMC!

    You can do this for now until we implement processor support for WiiMC. **btw… we got simple processors working, so we are 50% done with making this reality! Props to brokencodes for his help!!

    First off… you have to have Firefox browser to do this trick until we get it working right…
    Download and install these 4 things if you haven’t already…

    1. Divx Web Player –
    2. Firefox browser (if you dont have it already) –
    3. Greasemonkey for Firefox –
    4. Navi-Xtreme Sim Processor script –

    Then, follow these instructions here to workaround this.

    Remember, when we get processors working in WiiMC, you won’t have to mess with this “Ghetto Fabulous” method for getting movies for now.




    Hi all just singed up to the forums a few seconds ago,

    Just a few questions somewhat off topic that hopefully I can get answer for without the grilling of noob this or that.

    As Bill rightfully said, Navi-X was created originally for the Xbox Media Centre or XBMC, I didn’t bother using it as my Xbox was as noisy as ever (probably because it was old and very dusty ‘was once used as a web server’) anyway there has always been one question that I wanted to ask.

    I have see full movie Rips from DVD/Blu-ray etc, perhaps even other sources, one would think this makes such content illegal, does it?

    Do let me know, oh and keep up the excellent work on the project, we need more useful homebrew like Wiimc for the wii.



    I am not a lawyer or law enforcement officer, so I don’t intend on speculating on the legality of many things on the internet. Navi-X includeds alot of things, including links to movies being hosted by video hosts. I believe if something is illegal on the internet, it is the sole responsibility of law enforcement to inform the file hosts to remove content from their servers immediately or receive a cease order. Until this threshhold has been met, I would beg to differ with those who believe these files are illegal.

    We don’t host any files either way… we simply display links in users playlists that they have added. If they should put something in their playlist that appears to be illegal, I would hope law enforcement is doing their job according to national and state laws to remove said content from the internet.


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