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    I’ve installed all of them, and it no longer shows my USB Hard-drives. However, once I step back to 1.0.4, it shows them (after resetting the wii.)

    Is this common?


    Same here


    same here as well, whats going on?


    Apparently it doesn’t work for all USB drives. That’s all I can tell you right now.



    @Tantric wrote:

    Apparently it doesn’t work for all USB drives. That’s all I can tell you right now.

    ya but my drive works with 1.0.4


    Ehm, I updated both (IOS and WiiMC) and everything still works fine.

    But I miss the promised ability to use 2nd USB-Port. My USB-Sticks don’t want to work…

    EDIT: 2nd USB-Port works, seems that USB-Pendrives are no longer supported … USB-HDD works …


    Here was my experience updating.

    Downloaded the IOS 202 Installer 1.1 and the WiiMC Channel Installer 1.2.

    Installed the IOS 202 Installer 1.1 thru the Homebrew channel. All went fine.

    Went to install the WiiMC Channel Installer 1.2. next and screen went black and stayed like it. Powered wii completely down and tried WiiMC Channel Installer 1.2. again and it now let me uninstall the old one. Now I run it again and installed new one.

    Tried to launch WiiMC which was still 1.4 to let it update itself but black screened every time. Downloaded WiiMC 1.0.5 (Update) and overwrote my files on USB. All booted fine.

    Had a play with it for half hour and had no crashes. It also seems to load far faster than before for me and seems far more responsive. Haven’t had time to test properly and see if I’m still crashing on smb shares now and again but will test later.

    First impressions look good tho. Keep up the good work.


    The WiiMC update doesn’t recognize my USB hard drive, can someone please explain to me how to download the IOS202 update so that it will? 😀


    I have do a new Install and my HDD is not show (NTFS), in 1.0.4 works fine.

    WiiMC Channel Installer 1.2
    IOS 202 Installer 1.1
    WiiMC 1.0.5 (New Install)

    Can anyone help?


    My WD 1TB drive NTFS works very fine i have no Problems….


    I have testet update from 1.0.4 and new install from 1.0.5.
    My hdd it doesnt show in NTFS but a stick with fat32 works.
    I have test 1.0.5rc5 and this works fine my hdd is show.

    I have do exact this:
    – remove channel 1.1
    – remove all wiimc from sd
    – WiiMC 1.0.5 (New Install) on sd
    – install IOS 202 Installer 1.1
    – install WiiMC Channel Installer 1.2
    – start WiiMC

    It doesnt work for me i only see my dvd and sd and NO hdd.
    I have test usb1 and usb2 there is no work with ntfs by me.

    I have all remove and now 1.0.4 and its works fine.
    Is there a way to make 1.0.5 work by me?


    No, 1.0.5 is broken. There’s no way to just ‘make’ it work.


    OK everyone lets give Tantric a break here. I am also having the problem of my usb hdd not being recognized. Lets all revert back to 1.0.4 and let the man figure this one out. Thanks for all your hard work Tantric, we all greatly appreciate your efforts…


    Yeah no, I’m in no way busting your balls, Tantric. It just sucks ’cause it was 1am when my girl and I saw the update and we’re like “sick” and we update, and it doesn’t work, and we’re all snug in our bed haha. 😛

    But really though, excellent work in general, WiiMC has officially became 70% OF My wii’s usage right now. The other 30% is VBAgx. (Pokemon Blue ftw.)

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