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    @qwertymodo wrote:

    Since you reverted the USB code, I’m going to go back to Hermes v5 for IOS202, as your v1.1 breaks some other homebrew apps as has been mentioned elsewhere (i.e. WiiExplorer channel list). However, one thing I’m wondering, does the latest forwarder require IOS202 v1.1 or do I need to downgrade the forwarder in order to use it with the old IOS202? This post says the forwarder v1.2 requires IOS202 v1.1, but I figured I’d check here and get the answer from the definitive source.

    I’d downgrade the forwarder.


    @qwertymodo wrote:

    @tmhxpumper wrote:

    . . . let it auto update to 1.0.6 and wala, all issues fixed!. . .

    It’s “voilà”. It’s a French word.
    [/grammar nazi rant]

    Thanks…. I’ll sleep better tonight now that it’s fixed. 😉


    I thought it might be best waiting for another release before upgrading from 1.0.4. I’m glad I did. From the activity here I could tell it wouldn’t be long.

    I may be blind, but I was looking for some form of release notes. I couldn’t find any.

    For me, 1.0.4 works well apart from the unstable playback of divx across a wifi SMB connection. I’m hoping that 1.0.6 will fix this (or at the very least, improve it).

    Given the quantity of messages here about what was broken in 1.0.5, it’s a little hard to be sure of what was actually fixed, or improved. Can someone point me in the right direction please?



    You are blind. Read the front page of the site for the changes in 1.0.6 and 1.0.5.


    Thanks Tantric. I looked everywhere but at the tree in front of me.



    i feel like a moron, when i did the update for 1.0.5 i allowed the automatic update from within WiiMC, and I downloaded the WiiMC Channel Installer 1.2.

    I was having issues with using USB….

    I JUST realized that I never installed IOS 202 Installer 1.1!!! Once I installed that, I can use my USB again while using v1.0.5. I hope this helps, I am willing to bet people never downloaded the IOS installer, just the channel installer.


    @Tantric wrote:

    @strict9gs wrote:

    just updated to 1.0.6 and installed all of the other installers as well ,and still no hdd shows up on the second port for me…..i use a WD 1.5tb hdd, formated to ntfs, not sure if this has anything to do with it…….thanks

    1.0.6 reverted the USB changes, so USB only works on the ONE port.

    ahh i see thanks for clearing that up

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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