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    Ahh yes lol… that did the trick. Now it works perfectly with audio.

    Gonna test more videos tomorrow, but so far I’ve tried some 720p trailers with H264 and AAC and worked great.


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    Hi, I got the 0.5Alpha5 working, however, I’m unable to get Audio from AAC files.

    I have the helpers enabled and the test reports as Success.
    # Mediainfo helper enabled: Success
    # Mediainfo path is valid (c:/program files/EasyPHP-5.3.2i/mediainfo/): Success
    # FFMpeg helper enabled: Success
    # info FFMpeg path is valid (c:/Program Files/EasyPHP-5.3.2i/FFmpeg/bin): Success

    The ‘Auto’ setting on transcode is selected, but:

    -If I enable ffmpeg only, the stream starts fine but I still can’t hear Audio.
    -If I enable mediainfo (CLI) helper only, the stream doesn’t start at all (‘loading’ blinks a bit and then It returns to menu).
    -If I enable both helpers, happens the same as if I enabled mediainfo only.

    If I choose any of the transcoding options (HQ, MQ, LQ), with or without any helper I don’t get audio neither.

    Any idea if I’m doing anything wrong?

    And great job! The new interface is pretty cool!

    BTW, to get VLC working, I had to modify the path like this:
    # VLC path is valid (“c:/program files/utilities/vlc/vlc.exe”): Success

    So I added “” and the vlc.exe entry, otherwise it won’t work (I got an application error msg). That, however didn’t work for ffmpeg or mediainfo.

    in reply to: Watch Megavideo,HD,Youtube w/ CC through WiiMC (VLCShares) #26350

    Alright, after some tries, I finally managed to get it working. A few stuff I should note:

    – You should correct the small typo in the Windows guide, regarding the name of the vlc-shares config:

    11) Rename the file YOUR_EASY_PHP_INSTALL_DIR/www/vlc-shares/application/configs/vlc-shares.configs.ini_WINDOWS to vlc-shares.configs.ini

    It should be vlc-shares.config.ini without the “s” a the end of config. I renamed it with the ‘s’ at first and I was getting the application error msg. Took me a while to realize that, but after renaming it, it worked perfectly. Just a small correction.

    – I’m using VLC 1.1.4 so I had to use the VLC1.2 plugin. I also managed to get it working by applying the solutions (code additions) posted by the users and also changing the transcode arguments in the vlc-shares config, in order to transcode the video only, as I wasn’t getting audio (AAC).

    But now it works great. Awesome stuff. Thanks for this and keep up the good work!

    in reply to: Subtitle Language Support #25209

    Here’s an issue, posted in the mplayer-ce bug tracker:


    From there, an user posted two pages:
    This one for slang:

    And this for subcp:

    Hope they are of any help. Keep up the good work!

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