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  • in reply to: gapless mp3 playback #30339

    I was actually hoping to suggest this feature, but figured it had already been addressed, so I’m glad I searched first 🙂

    That does bring me to another question, however – WiiMC seems to have a significant gap between songs. I’m okay with a small gap, but this one seems pretty lengthy at times – I mean, 4-5 seconds seems long to me. That being said, is that just a loading thing, or is it possible to cache the next song before the 1st one ends? or would that still require the whole “2-player” solution/issue that gapless playback has?

    in reply to: GUIDE: How to set up SMB on Mac OSX #27002

    Thought of that, can’t add any individual folders from the drive. Tried creating a new folder to confirm.

    In case it matters, when I use “Get Info” on the drive and view its properties, its permissions say “Everyone – No Access”. I’m unable to add any users whatsoever.

    I’m going to post about this sharing issue in the Apple support forums as well, see if anyone there has any ideas. Between the two communities we should figure it out!

    EDIT: hah, got it to work! Not sure if I’d call this a workaround, or an exploit, or what; I created a test folder with a couple mp3s in it first, but once it worked, I did it to the whole drive. Here’s what I did:

    1) I unmounted the drive from the Airport Extreme and connected it to my Mac directly via Firewire. 2) I added the test folder to the list of shared folders – I was able to do this because the drive was mounted directly to my machine instead of through the network. 3) I disconnected the Firewire cable and reconnected the drive to the router, and then mounted the drive via the network. When I disconnected the Firewire cable, the test folder was greyed out in the list of shared folders, but once I mounted the drive through the Airport, it wasn’t! I went into WiiMC’s SMB settings and told it to look at the test folder and I was successfully able to play music from it. 4) I repeated the process but added the entire drive to the list of shared folders, changed WiiMC’s SMB settings accordingly, and voila! My entire media library is now at my fingertips 😀

    I added the drive to the list of shared folders while it was directly mounted to my machine via Firewire and when I reconnected it through the Airport Extreme it was still there.


    in reply to: GUIDE: How to set up SMB on Mac OSX #27000

    This is an old thread, but definitely relevant to what I’m currently trying to do.

    The steps worked great on my 10.6.8 machine, thanks! Any folders I share from my Mac HD are accessible via WiiMC.

    The problem I’m encountering is that all of my media resides on an external drive that is connected via USB to my Airport Extreme. The drive is constantly mounted on my Mac’s desktop, but I cannot add it as a shared folder in System Preferences -> File Sharing. Whenever I select the drive in the file browser, the “Add” button is grayed out!

    I’ve tried creating an alias and adding the alias to the list of shared folders, but although it allows me to click the “Add” button, it doesn’t actually add anything.

    Any suggestions?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)