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    VLCShares is a web-app written in php. It aims to extend WiiMC online media tab features allowing to watch HD Files through vlc transcoding, fetch medias from websites (ex. Megavideo, AllSp, etc etc) and make them viewable in WiiMC without have to download them first. It also provide same features for Android Phones too.

    More pictures

    Features list:

    * Watch HD Files in WiiMC and Android Phones through VLC-Transcoding
    * Browse and Watch your media stored in HDD
    * Use embedded or file subtitles while transcoding
    * Recognize h264/aac files and change transcoding profile on the fly to prevent vlc bugs
    * Watch videos hosted by Megavideo (with premium account support)
    * Watch Megaupload videos through Megavideo (?d= links)
    * Watch videos from NarutoGet.com
    * Watch videos from AnimeLand.it
    * Watch videos from DBForever.net
    * Watch videos from AllSp.com
    * Watch videos from OPFItalia.net
    * Watch videos from AnimeDb.tv
    * Watch videos from Jigoku.it
    * Watch videos from Youtube with *Closed Caption*
    * Watch videos from AnimeFTW.tv (…yes, all videos)
    * Watch some live channels from Rai.it
    * Check JDownloader status from WIIMC/Phone and append megavideo links to the queue
    * Get infos about streams through WiiMC/Android Interface
    * New versions notifier
    * ….

    Change log:

    *** 0.5.3 (23/02/2010) ***
    – Some fixes to object interfaces of X_Vlc_… objects
    – [EXTRA][AnimeDB] New link scaper algorithm submitted by Valerio Moretti can be selected in config page
    – [UpdateNotifier] New plugin for update notification (for vlc-shares and official plugins)
    – [EXTRA][AnimeLand, AllSp, DBForever, NarutoGet] Moved to extra
    – Better error handling for WiimcPlxRenderer: now we can get error information in WiiMC
    – Installation script allow to automatically download and install optional plugins
    – [EXTRA][Megavideo] Removed urlencoding of username/password while authentication agains megavideo site
    – [Backupper] Backup file changed with value encryption
    – [EXTRA][DirettaRai] New plugin added for live channel from RAI (italian television)
    – Cache plugin integrated
    – Lazy plugins configuration redirect on configs change fixed
    – [MobileRenderer] Fixed a bug in mode/selection page that provoke multiple calls to the same page
    – [FileSystem] Disable cache when it’s the provider
    – [PluginInstaller] VERSION_TO param in plugin manifest is handled as an upper bound and it’s the first incompatible version
    – [PluginInstaller] Fixed regression in plugin removal procedure
    – Translation function allow params substitution
    – [EXTRA][JDownloader] JDownloader plugin added
    – [EXTRA][Megavideo] Fixed regression in category removal/rename
    – [EXTRA][Megavideo] Missing translation strings added
    – [EXTRA][Youtube,Megavideo] Cache disabled when playlist is built with local data only
    – [EXTRA][AnimeFTW, AnimeDB, Megavideo] Form password element type changed to password
    – [EXTRA][AnimeFTW, AnimeDB, Megavideo] Cookie jar reset on plugin configs change
    – New management gui
    – Improved error reporting
    – [Issue-8] Fixed problems while sharing root drives folders in windows env
    – [EXTRA] Youtube: updated to support restricted content (with 240p quality only)
    – [EXTRA] AnimeFTW: fixed auth problems with video in server1 forcing proxy method to all videos
    – [EXTRA] AnimeFTW: removed hide user-agent config and user-agent locked to vlc-shares/VERSION animeftw/VERSION
    – [EXTRA] Jigoku: stable release
    – [EXTRA] Megavideo: moved to extra
    – [EXTRA] Megavideo: added premium account support
    – [EXTRA] Megavideo: support for megaupload->megavideo videos (?d= links)

    Manual installation package: http://vlc-shares.googlecode.com/files/vlc-shares_0.5.3.zip
    Please use instruction in the wiki for the installation:

    There is also a good tutorial with pictures from old version made by HowToGeek.com

    Automatic Windows installer: http://vlc-shares.googlecode.com/files/vlc-shares_0.5.3_installer.exe
    The installer includes:

    • EasyPhp 5.3.3i
    • Zend Framework 1.10.6
    • VLCShares 0.5.3

    Please use instruction in the wiki for the installation:

    In the installation process a list of plugins can be installed. A complete list of plugins (and their feautures) is available in the project wiki: https://code.google.com/p/vlc-shares/wiki/PluginsList#Plugins_List

    Other resources:

    A video tutorial for the use of new Megavideo Bookmarklets feature is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GycWEv7cWLk

    A reference guide for plugin’s APIs is available at http://code.google.com/p/vlc-shares/wiki/PluginsAPI

    For issue about this version add a post in this thread (please, attach a full debug log) or open a support ticket (it’s better) in the project site


    @ximarx wrote:

    Megavideo through my notebooks browser comes up with the same message as the above poster. IE do you want to save this file/open When I try to open it through wiimc It goes to buffer mode then comes up with error loading file.

    If IE try to download the file means that vlc-shares works. Maybe you have problem with wiimc/network.

    About animeftw: right click on the EasyPhp icon in the task bar, then select “configuration -> PHP extension”. Select the extension “php_openssl” and enable it. Then click Apply and then Close. After that Restart EasyPHP.

    [PluginInstaller] Checking for directory permissions : C:Program Files (x86)VLCShareswwwvlc-sharesapplication/../application/Bootstrap.php not writable

    Anyway you have to fix permissions for vlc-shares folder (by default C:Program Files (x86)VLCShares).
    This is a quote from EasyPHP FAQ:

    You need to change the user s permission for the EasyPHP directory
    1. Go to ‘Computer’, open/view Drive C, then double click ‘Program Files (x86)’.
    2. Right click on ‘VLCShares‘ folder then click ‘Properties’.
    3. On ‘Security’ tab click ‘Edit’ button.
    4. Select the user that you are currently using.
    5. Under ‘Permissions for Users’ box, tick ‘Full control’ on ‘Allow’ column.
    6. And then click ‘OK’ button to apply the changes.

    Anyway, please use THIS thread (http://www.wiimc.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1181) for questions and problems related to 0.5.3 version

    Thanks you have been a life saver today. I did as told. Seems to be working.
    As results below would suggest.

    * info VLCShares version : 0.5.3
    * info VLC path is valid (C:Program Files (x86)VideoLANVLCvlc.exe) : Success
    * info Language file is valid (en_GB.ini) : Success
    * info FFMpeg helper enabled : Success
    * info FFMpeg path is valid (C:Program Files (x86)VLCSharesffmpegbinffmpeg.exe) : Success
    * info [PluginInstaller] Checking for directory permissions : OK
    * info [AnimeFTW] Checking for write access to /data/animeftw/ folder : Write access granted
    * info [AnimeFTW] Checking for authentication credentials : Credentials configurated

    I can confirm that animeftw allsp youtube all work from my wii
    Still get error loading file! when trying to access megavideo/jigoku.it/narotuget.com and RAI streams. 🙁


    RAI streams is a special plugin available in Italy only. jigoku links are all megavideo based. Which version of wiimc are you using?


    Ok cool beans. Which plugins are compatible in the Uk?
    For future reference.
    My version of Wiimc is 1.1.3.

    I must say I’ve never found a developer reply so quickly to users questions. Props to you man.


    @hihoneyz wrote:

    Ok cool beans. Which plugins are compatible in the Uk?

    All except direttarai. The problem is that RAI.it site streaming is available only in italian territory


    Any luck on finding out how what could be the problem regarding megavideo?

    Sometimes Animeftw works fine. Other times with Lag. Thought I might add that too.


    the lag It’s not a problem of vlc-shares. Vlc-shares task it’s only to parse web sites and give back to wiimc valid stream link.


    Cool, what about me not being able to view megavideo through wii?

    I’m really stumped as to how animeftw/youtube works and megavideo does’nt.


    do you use “watch directly” mode or transcoded mode?


    @ximarx wrote:

    do you use “watch directly” mode or transcoded mode?

    for allsp/youtube/megavideo etc i allways have selected stream with vlc.

    megavideo works though when I put watch directly.

    should I just use that method then? I’d rather be able to do both.


    yes. It’s always better to use direct mode when available. I don’t know why but some megavideo links don’t work in transcoded way. Vlc doesn’t get the video source. Anyway it’s not a vlc-shares problem so i can’t fix it.


    @ximarx wrote:

    yes. It’s always better to use direct mode when available. I don’t know why but some megavideo links don’t work in transcoded way. Vlc doesn’t get the video source. Anyway it’s not a vlc-shares problem so i can’t fix it.

    Thanks anyways guy, I’ll direct stream from here on when availble.
    Your quick responses have helped me. Thanks again.

    Now to speak to some one from Wiimc side of things.
    Was viewing a stream. Then pressed the home button and got a stack dump. lol


    Thanks dude.

    I was thinking there’s a website megastreaming.org you may be familiar with it. If not it bypass’s the time limit of megavideo. if you have a free account.

    Do you think you could add a work around for the megavideo plugin so this could be added?


    It’s not possible. The trick used by megastreaming can’t be used in vlc-shares. You have to use proxy or pay for a premium account if you want to bypass megavideo’s limits.

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