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    Hi buddy

    I had a problem very similar, if not identical to this. Simply, my HD could not be recognised in XP but was on the Wii. I assume you have checked the obvious (that is that in disk manager the drive has a letter assinged?)

    I managed to view my drive by booting Hirens boot CD (google it!) and booting mini-XP. I could not solve the problem with any fixes, in the end I had to reinstall windows.

    You may also wish to try USBDeview – this small software allows you unistal drives and other USB devices. Run the software, plug in the drive and see if it appears. Try uninstalling, unplug the drive, plug in again and reinstalling

    Good luck!

    in reply to: One AVI file just wont play :( #30610

    I would try re-encoding with a lower resolution, but same bitrate and see if that helps

    Then try lower resolution (480p max) and lower bitrate and see what happens

    Hope you get it sorted

    in reply to: Whats the best standard to Rip with ? #30611


    I rip dvds using Jesterware DVD ripper with H.264 (mp4) with no problems at all! I use 1500 kbps, 128 kbps (AAC) and source framerate and the videos are of excellent quality on the wii. If I need to deinterlace or inverse telecine, I just bump the video bitrate up to 200 kbps. The key, I understand, is to keep the resolution down to avoid audio-delay issues. The Wii supports a max I think of 480p/i – so I rip my DVDs at 640×480 and Jesterware automatically adjusts the aspect ratio (or display ratio) to 4:3, 16:9 or whatever.

    Everything works great with these settings. If you however want to stick with Xvid (which is a little old cf. H.264) then I would recommend 2000 kbps, 192 kbps (MP3), same framerate as source, res 640×480 or adjusted to match aspect ratio/display ratio. Maximum 480p/i. You may also wish to do a two-pass encoding which improves quality, but takes twice as long to encode – it depends on how fast your processor is.

    Hope that helps

    in reply to: Handbrake profile for Wii #30454

    I don’t use handbrake but I’ve had success with ripping DVDs with the H.264 codec:
    Video bitrate: 1000 kbps
    Audio bitate: 128kbps (AAC)
    Resolution: 640×480 (for both PAL and NTSC DVDs)

    I moved from Xvid 1200kbps to H264 1000kbps and as H.264 has a better compression agorithm, you can get comparable quality with lower bitrates

    If the audio is out of sync, you may need to check on this forum if the codec/resolution etc. combinations you are using are supported by Wiimc. If they are, try options like ‘don’t drop frames’ or ‘allow duplicate frames’ if Handbrake supports these.

    Hope that helps, good luck!

    in reply to: Crash dumps since the last update – Sample file included #29461

    I have the same problem as described by Timerider.

    I boot wiimc from the forwarder channel from SD and whichever video file I play it code dumps. After restarting and repeating this 3 or 4 times, it will eventually play the file.

    I’ve removed the no_ios reload line from the meta.xml file but no luck.
    I’ve also tried deleting all Wiimc files from the SD card and doing a fresh install, but the problem isn’t resolved.

    any more ideas to solve this?

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