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    open the browser of the pc where you installed vlc-shares and easyphp at http://localhost/vlc-shares/public/ and see what happens. Maybe the ip address is incorrect

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    @dilbot wrote:

    First of all, I’ve tried doing this many many times, and I’ve just about given up trying on my own. Please help :).

    Here’s my first question. Is it completely mandatory to edit the file called “vlc-shares.configs.ini_WINDOWS” because mine, after uninstalling then re-installing, shows it as vlc-shares.configs.ini_LINUX but it’s tagged as a windows file.

    vlc.shares.configs.ini_WINDOWS is a sample config file for Windows system.
    vlc.shares.configs.ini_LINUX is a sample config file for Linux system.
    You have to choose one of them and rename it as vlc-shares.configs.ini

    @dilbot wrote:

    Also I’m having trouble with these parts:

    • 13) Now edit the file with your config (more info about this step here).
      Mandatory changes are:

      * Line 47: if you use apache on port != 80, set your port in apache_altPort
      * Line 59: set your path to vlc.exe (use / in the path, not )

    Line 47 has me baffled. Do I have to change the ports around? How do I know if apache is using port 80 or not? And there are two lines with apache_altPort. Which one do I set my port in?

    if you have not explicitly changed apache’s port by yourself, you don’t have to touch apache_altPort.

    @dilbot wrote:

    And Line 59 confuses me as well. First you say that there should be no ‘s in the path, yet in your examples it shows ‘s:

    Oh.. come on. Open your eyes and look the example. Vlc path for windows is something like this:

    path = ""C:/Program files/VideoLAN/VLC/vlc.exe""

    If your vlc path is C:blablablamysubblablablavlcvlc.exe you have to insert it in path=””….””.

    path = ""C:/blablabla/mysubblablabla/vlc/vlc.exe""

    Path in [vlc] section is the vlc path.

    XXXXXXX.path in [shares] section is the path for your collection.

    They are two different things and i gave lots of examples for both of them. Start reading previous messages

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    @indyadvant wrote:

    I’m confused about “Line 154-188: set your collection id/label/path (Path must end with / )”

    Can someone write me a sample of that? Is it Ip/Share Name/Path? ie. ?

    This is an example: = "Free stuff in Dowload dir"
    myPersonalStuff.path = "C:/My Downloads/Video/Free stuff/"

    In the example:

    • myPersonalStuff is the ID of the collection
    • “Free stuff in Dowload dir” is the collection’s label
    • “C:/My Downloads/Video/Free stuff/” is the collection’s path

    So, if you want to add a dir in your D drive as a new collection, you have to add (for example) = "This is the label of my collection in D drive"
    myDdir.path = "D:/My Dir/My Subdir/My last Subdir/"
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    This is a plugin for add vlc 1.2 compatibility (in 1.2 nightlies build h264/aac bug is fixed)

    Extract archive in vlc-shares/library/X/VlcShares/Plugins/

    and then add those lines at the bottom of your vlc-shares.configs.ini (in vlc-shares/application/configs/)

    vlc12support.class = "X_VlcShares_Plugins_Vlc12"
    vlc12support.path = APPLICATION_PATH "/../library/X/VlcShares/Plugins/Vlc12.php"

    This is an experimental plugin and nightlies builds of vlc 1.2 are dev versions.


    enable debug log in config file and paste here your debug log after that you get application error.
    You can read debug log content in http://YOUR_IP_ADDRESS/vlc-shares/public/test/index

    Anyway, are you sure that you followed my installation tutorial without error?


    @zoidfreak wrote:

    Hey guys i was wondering if someone could help me out.
    I have installed WiiMC on my Wii and i have installed what ever was stated in the instructions for my computer.
    When i tried to load VLC shares from my wii, it goes to a loading screen and then it says “Loading Error”

    i typed in: in my computer’s browser and i got: “Application error”

    Im not sure if you have to configure anything on the Wii itself, or if i have made an error while configuring it on my PC, could someone please give me a hand with this.


    Seems like you made a config error while installing vlcshares on your pc or you have missed some step of the tutorial. You should enable debug log and give me more info (ex: attach your vlc-shares’s config file (you can find it in EASY_PHP_INSTALL_DIR/www/vlc-shares/application/configs/vlc-shares.config.ini), attach your debug log file…). I don’t have the crystall ball :P)


    @MaddpoettDyer wrote:

    EasyPHP shows a message that says:
    Unexpected end of Apache

    Or it just shuts Apache down on startup. I am not getting the firewall or used port message.

    Read apache log file. To open it, right click on easyphp’s systray icon->log->apache log

    Are you sure that you followed my tutorial, line by line?


    @MaddpoettDyer wrote:

    all I keep getting is that message

    What message?

    in reply to: Expanded Windows Compile Guide #25956

    @hetfield wrote:

    i am glad the problem has been found and solved.
    i must admit i gave up on searching.
    also pista’s idea is of copying and renaming sounds more logical then the solution that was offered by a member on the first page (download a complete different set of tools and copy one file).

    nice work people.

    The file is the same


    @MaddpoettDyer wrote:

    OK this is where I must be stuck as I haven’t made any changes because when I count the lines down they do not match the numbers against them.

    Line 59: set your path to vlc.exe (use / in the path, not )
    Line 154-188: set your collection id/label/path (Path must end with / )

    Can you please tell me what is in the string I am looking for and what to replace them with.

    To avoid having to manually count the lines, try to use Notepad++. It’s free.

    YOUR_EASY_PHP_INSTALL_DIR = the directory where you install EasyPhp (default: C:Program FilesEasyPhp for win32, C:Program Files (x86)EasyPhp for win64)

    Lines 50 -> 59:


    ; Path per l'eseguibile del vlc
    ; Path to vlc Executable

    ; Linux default: path = "/usr/bin/vlc"
    ; Windows default: path = ""C:/Program files/VideoLAN/VLC/vlc.exe""
    path = ""C:/Program files/VideoLAN/VLC/vlc.exe""

    You must change C:/Program files/VideoLan/VLC/vlc.exe to match your vlc.exe path.

    path = ""C:/Program files (x86)/VideoLAN/VLC/vlc.exe""


    path = ""C:/Programmi/VideoLAN/VLC/vlc.exe""


    path = ""C:/My custom program dir/VLC/vlc.exe""

    and so on…

    Lines 154->188

    ; Contiene la lista di collezioni da condivide
    ; Contains the list of collections to be shared
    ; Una condivisione e' composta nel seguente modo:
    ; idShare.path = "/percorso/alla/directory/della/collezione/"
    ; Esempio Linux:
    ; = "Cartella download Torrent"
    ; torrent.path = "/home/myuser/Downloads/Torrent/"
    ; Esempio Windows:
    ; = "Riprese con telecamera"
    ; telecamera.path = "C:/Documenti/Video/Telecamera/"
    ; A collection can be shared as:
    ; = "LABEL"
    ; idShare.path = "/path/to/collection/"
    ; Linux example:
    ; = "BitTorrent Downloads"
    ; torrent.path = "/home/myuser/Downloads/Torrent/"
    ; Windows example:
    ; = "HD Camera records"
    ; camera.path = "C:/Videos/Camera/" = "Root (Linux System)"
    rootLinux.path = "/" = "Root (Windows System)"
    rootWindows.path = "C:/"

    If you want, change existing ones or adding new ones.
    For example if your download dir is C:My DownloadsVideoFree stuff and you want to add it in your collections, you must add: = "Free stuff in Dowload dir"
    myPersonalStuff.path = "C:/My Downloads/Video/Free stuff/"

    You must be sure to replace all in path with / and that the path ends with a /

    In the example:

    • Collection ID = myPersonalStuff
    • Collection NAME = “Free stuff in Dowload dir”
    • Collection Path = “C:/My Downloads/Video/Free stuff/”

    I hope it’s more clear now

    in reply to: Need help setting up WiiMC to stream from my pc!!! #26636
    in reply to: Expanded Windows Compile Guide #25944

    @hetfield wrote:

    hmmm, i placed the question there

    I also looked at the config log.
    Strange thing is for example PATH: /mingw/bin (there is no such dir anywhere)
    msys batch is mingw, so i thought, change the name msys into mingw :P, but that did’nt change anything.

    btw, could it be that no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH means no c compiler in /fribidi? and not in devkitpro?

    It means that in your $PATH variable there is no gcc compiler executable. You must change your PATH variable


    New version of VLCShares (0.4.1)

    This is the changelog

    *** 0.4.1 (20/7/2010) ***
    – plugin for Megavideo Library has been added
    – plugin for PLX->HTML conversion while browse collections with browser has been added
    – plugin for android phones has been added (tested with Motorola Milestone/Droid)
    – new home page has been added (http://IP_ADDRESS/vlc-shares/public)
    – vlc-path-check in system test page on windows has been fixed

    How to use megavideo library:
    Open your browser at the new homepage (http://localhost/vlc-shares/public) and click to “Manage Megavideo Library” link (or simply at to http://localhost/vlc-shares/public/megavideo/). Click to “add new link” and insert link data. Leaving Title and Description fields blanks, megavideo’s title and description will be used.

    Little advices:
    – new requirement as been added:
    Ubuntu: install php5-sqlite package (through apt)
    Windows: enable php extension “php_pdo_sqlite” through PHP Extension config interface of EasyPhp (right click on easyphp systray icon, configuration->PHP Extension, enable extension and then apply. After that, restart apache)

    – Vlc’s bug with h264/aac + transcoding prevents some files from Megavideo Library to be viewed. Megavideo uses h264/aac for newer files, so those files are unsupported until VLC’s staff will fix this bug (maybe in 1.2). Those files can’t be watched in direct mode too, because wiimc can’t handle h264/aac well :(.
    You can follow vlc’s bug status here: (thanks to jhb50 for forward this bug to vlc’s staff)

    in reply to: Expanded Windows Compile Guide #25938

    @hetfield wrote:

    4. In MSys i’m stuck now, i started 3x from the start to be sure i did everything correct.

    cd liba52/
    ./configure –host=powerpc-eabi –prefix=”${DEVKITPRO}/portlibs/ppc” –libdir=”${DEVKITPRO}/portlibs/ppc/lib” –disable-shared

    Administrator@BAREBONE /c/wiimc/libs/liba52
    $ make

    Making all in autotools
    make[1]: Entering directory ‘/c/wiimc/libs/liba52/autotools’
    make[1]: Nothing to be done for ‘all’
    make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/c/libs/liba52/autotools’
    Making all in include
    make[1]: Entering directory ‘/c/wiimc/libs/liba52/include’
    make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/c/libs/liba52/include’
    Making all in liba52
    make[1]: Entering directory ‘/c/wiimc/libs/liba52/liba52’
    /bin/sh ../libtool –mode=link powerpc-eabi-gcc -g -03 -fomit-frame-pointer -prefer-non-pic -o -rpath /c/devkitPro/portlibs/ppc/lib -no-undefined bitsrteam.lo imdct.lo bit_allocate.lo parse.lo downmix.lo -lm
    rm -fr .libs/ .libs.liba52.* .libs.liba52.*
    ar cru .libs/ bitstream.o imdct.o bit_allocate.o parse.o downmix.o
    ../libtool:line 4155: ar: command not found
    make[1]: *** [] error 127
    make[1]: leaving directory ‘/c/wiimc/libs/liba52/liba52’
    make: *** [all-recursive] error 1

    I get this error too. I solved it dowloading ar command from mingw’s binutils package and copying ar.exe (in /bin folder) to DevKitPro/msys /bin folder. Seems like devkitpro installer forgot it.

    Mingw binutils package link:

    in reply to: WIIMC Enhancement Pack #26575

    great job

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