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    Bad news: i fix the double-port-problem (and add little improvements) in the new version, but a bug seems to be in wiimc’s navi-x playlist handle code. It seems that wiimc can’t get navi-x playlist from server with port != 80.

    Same navi-x playlist file (static file) work if loaded from apache on 80 port and give error if loaded from apache on port != 80.

    i can’t find a workaround for this problem, so i will fill a bug report soon.
    [EDIT] Bug report:
    [EDIT-2] Maybe i found the problem in wiimc code. I hope tantic will fix it soon *-*

    Anyway, this is new version of vlc-share. I add new system check routines (you will find them in http://ADDRESS/vlc-shares/public/test/ ) and new debug_log features (that could be enabled in config file).

    @jhb50 you must change your firewall config and enable apache on 80. Sorry 🙁


    Turns out Skype was usingmy port 80, so by closing Skype, I can now use port 80. There however is still a problem with VLC-Shares-3.2 since port 80 is not showing in the url addresses now that the double port problem is fixed.


    If port is 80, it’s useless add it in url. Do you have problem with apache on 80?

    However, i give a look at wiimc code and found the bug & fix it. I upload patch (V2) file for rev400 (trunk) if you want compile it yourself, and a boot.dol file with compiled r400 revision of wiimc with patch applied (V2). this is the link

    Using this rev of wiimc should make apache on port != 80 usable.

    PS: make sure your shares path in config file end with /

    wrong example:

    shareId.path = "D:/your_dl_dir"

    right example:

    shareId.path = "D:/your_dl_dir/"

    Eureka!!! I now have Video on Demand including HD streaming from my PC.
    The last clue was to terminate my shares with a / !!
    No more MPlayer problems with WIIMC!!


    i hope you like vlc-shares


    custom-port bug has been fixed. When 1.0.5 will be released, all will be ok


    VLC-Share 0.3.2 don’t work with WiiMc 1.0.5. New version will be released soon.


    Here we go. This is the new released version of VLC-Shares (version 0.4).

    This is the changelog:

    *** 0.4 (15/7/2010) ***
    – new plugin system added
    – almost 100% of code has been rewritten
    – added 2 new type of vlc command interface: Commander_HTTP (works with vlc’s -I http) and Commander_RC (works with vlc’s -I oldrc/rc)
    – windows version is much more faster (using Commander_HTTP)
    – plugin to hide hidden files while browsing has been added
    – completely customizable through plugin section in config file
    – WiiMc 1.0.5 support
    – test page has been rewritten ( open your browser at http://YOUR_ADDRESS/vlc-shares/public/)
    – html control page has been added ( check configs and open your browser at http://YOUR_ADDRESS/vlc-shares/public/controls/pcstream while vlc is playing)

    There are changes in config files, so follow configuration tutorial while updating.


    New version of VLCShares (0.4.1)

    This is the changelog

    *** 0.4.1 (20/7/2010) ***
    – plugin for Megavideo Library has been added
    – plugin for PLX->HTML conversion while browse collections with browser has been added
    – plugin for android phones has been added (tested with Motorola Milestone/Droid)
    – new home page has been added (http://IP_ADDRESS/vlc-shares/public)
    – vlc-path-check in system test page on windows has been fixed

    How to use megavideo library:
    Open your browser at the new homepage (http://localhost/vlc-shares/public) and click to “Manage Megavideo Library” link (or simply at to http://localhost/vlc-shares/public/megavideo/). Click to “add new link” and insert link data. Leaving Title and Description fields blanks, megavideo’s title and description will be used.

    Little advices:
    – new requirement as been added:
    Ubuntu: install php5-sqlite package (through apt)
    Windows: enable php extension “php_pdo_sqlite” through PHP Extension config interface of EasyPhp (right click on easyphp systray icon, configuration->PHP Extension, enable extension and then apply. After that, restart apache)

    – Vlc’s bug with h264/aac + transcoding prevents some files from Megavideo Library to be viewed. Megavideo uses h264/aac for newer files, so those files are unsupported until VLC’s staff will fix this bug (maybe in 1.2). Those files can’t be watched in direct mode too, because wiimc can’t handle h264/aac well :(.
    You can follow vlc’s bug status here: (thanks to jhb50 for forward this bug to vlc’s staff)


    Um ok so since this is all jibberish to me. Is there anybody that can help me out with what to do with Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit? I am really new to all of this. I just softmodded my wii last week. I was serious when I said I needed the idiot’s guide. LOL.


    There is no folder by the name of YOUR_EASY_PHP_INSTALL_DIR/www/ on my PC. Am I supposed to create and if so where do I put it? I’m such a dummy!!!!


    When you install Easyphp I think you will find it has created YOUR_EASY_PHP_INSTALL_DIR directory. I had to think a few times about that one too.


    @jhb50 wrote:

    When you install Easyphp I think you will find it has created YOUR_EASY_PHP_INSTALL_DIR directory. I had to think a few times about that one too.

    Windows can’t find it. Nor is it under program files.


    If you installed php of course it is.


    OK this is where I must be stuck as I haven’t made any changes because when I count the lines down they do not match the numbers against them.

    Line 59: set your path to vlc.exe (use / in the path, not )
    Line 154-188: set your collection id/label/path (Path must end with / )

    Can you please tell me what is in the string I am looking for and what to replace them with.

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