YouTube and SHOUTcast Down

March 25th, 2011 12 comments
As many of you have noticed, YouTube and SHOUTcast are down. This has happened because WiiMC’s web host has decided these scripts, which are hosted on, are not allowed and has blocked them. So we either need to find a new place to host these scripts, or find a new host for itself. I think the latter is the best option, and would help for future growth. If anyone can offer WiiMC some decent hosting please drop me a line.

Version 1.1.5 Released

March 25th, 2011 21 comments
Version 1.1.5 has been released. It fixes a bug with the Inactivity Shutdown feature that causes the Wii to reboot after the screensaver turns on. Full changelog:

  • Synced to MPlayer r33036
  • Fixed Inactivity Shutdown feature
  • Fixed plain playlist support
  • Added support for encrypted DVDs for USB DVD drives (thanks clava!)
  • Fixed network initialization for some USB LAN adapters
  • Other minor changes

Version 1.1.4 Released

March 4th, 2011 66 comments
Version 1.1.4 has been released to fix some potential crashes and re-enable YouTube support. There’s also some changes under the hood and a couple new settings added. Full changelog:

  • Synced to MPlayer r32994
  • Fixed crash in Online Media area
  • Fixed crashes on ogg and mp4 files
  • Fixed YouTube support
  • Added Inactivity Shutdown setting
  • Added separate settings to change backward/forward skip
  • Improved memory management
  • Other minor changes

Version 1.1.3 Released

February 19th, 2011 39 comments
Version 1.1.3 has been released and primarily fixes the major issues found in 1.1.2. It also includes experimental USB DVD support added by clava. Your mileage may vary with this feature! Full changelog:

  • Synced to MPlayer r32866
  • Fixed crash for some USB drives
  • Added option to change screensaver delay
  • Fixed incorrect warning about picture sizes being > 6MB
  • Improved network initialization routines
  • Improved subtitle scaling calculations
  • Improved shutdown – if WiiMC fails to shut down within 5 seconds, shutdown will be forced
  • Experimental USB DVD drive support (thanks clava!)
  • Other minor optimizations and improvements

Version 1.1.2 Released

January 29th, 2011 45 comments
Version 1.1.2 has been released along with an updated WiiMC Channel that has better USB compatibility. This release is primarily a patch release, but does have one notable new feature – ext2 support! Full changelog:

  • Synced to MPlayer r32815
  • Fixed broken audio/subtitle switching
  • Fixed “Exception (Alignment)” crash
  • Changed from mpg123 to ffmp3 (fixes some audio-related problems)
  • Added ext 2/3/4 support
  • USB compatibility improvements
  • Improved performance (enabled 64-byte fetch mode for the L2 cache)
  • Large file (> 4GB) support
  • Fixed relative playlist paths
  • Paired-singles enhancements (thanks Extrems!)
  • Added IOS whitelist – a warning will now appear if you are not using IOS58 or IOS61
  • Disable dvdnav over SMB (it’s too slow!)
  • Added Tamil translation (thanks dpandian!)
  • Other minor optimizations and bug fixes

USB Problems

December 25th, 2010 Comments off
Ever since WiiMC was first released, there have been people having issues getting their USB devices working. We would try to address these on a case-by-case basis, but sometimes this would in fact result in one person’s drive starting working and another person’s drive stopping working. Without going into all the history: I would like to state that the USB code WiiMC uses is actually a part of libogc, not WiiMC itself, and that this code is shared by all Wii homebrew applications. It is also worth noting that this code was not written by the WiiMC Team.

Rodries has been working to improve USB device recognition in libogc, and now he needs your help. To start with, he has written a small tester application that runs through 7 tests and writes the results to your SD card to a file named log_usb.txt. Please run the tests if you can and upload the results to this forum thread. Everyone’s logs (especially those with non-working devices) will help rodries sort out the compatibility issues.

Version 1.7 released with more debug info.
Version 1.8 released with another test.
Version 1.9 released with another test and wake up test fixed.
Version 1.10 released. Internal changes
Version 1.11 released. Internal changes

Version 1.1.1 Released

December 16th, 2010 59 comments
Version 1.1.1 has been released along with an updated WiiMC Channel that has better USB compatibility. This release contains quite a few bugfixes but also has some nice new features, including ISO/IFO support (with DVD menus!), playlist support in the Videos/Music areas, and image resizing via the Wiimote. Happy Holidays! Full changelog:

  • Synced to MPlayer r32709
  • Fixed image stuttering and audio sync issues
  • Fixed pointer alignment on DVD menus
  • Added ISO/IFO DVD playback, with DVD menu support
  • Added screen resizing while watching a video via the Wiimote. Just hold down B and use the arrow keys (thanks clava!)
  • Performance optimizations using paired singles (thanks Extrems!)
  • Improved USB compatibility
  • Added support for playlist files in the Videos and Music areas
  • Enable negative subtitle delay values
  • Replace libmp3 with libmpg123. Fixes a number of MP3 audio bugs
  • Added a setting to change the starting area
  • New JPG scaler for the Picture Viewer (thanks puddles!)
  • Display artist and song on separate lines for SHOUTcast (thanks jhb50!)
  • Added settings for YouTube quality and caching for online media
  • Subtitle autoscaling
  • Added a delay on startup so those with slow USB drives are not bumped back to the main browser list
  • Shifted all GUI elements inwards to fix left/right cropping occuring on 16:9 for some people
  • Fixed a Picture Viewer crash
  • Fixed lowercase bug for NTFS
  • Many other minor fixes and improvements

Version 1.1.0 Released

October 8th, 2010 116 comments
Version 1.1.0 has been released along with an updated WiiMC Channel. If you are using an older channel, you must upgrade or WiiMC may hang. The changelog may not seem overly long but this release represents a huge amount of time invested into improving the stability and performance of WiiMC. Full changelog:

  • Synced to MPlayer r32341
  • Fixed a crash that happened if your router was turned off
  • Fixed “blank listing” issue for SMB
  • Improved memory management, resulting in improved performance
  • Improved USB compatibility and speed
  • USB bug fixes
  • NTFS bug fixes
  • Fixed audio sync regression from 1.0.9
  • Change YouTube default to 480p
  • Fixed “vanishing pointer” issue when watching CPU-intensive videos
  • Improved shuffle for music
  • Channel updated (improved USB compatibility)
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes/improvements

Version 1.0.9 Released

August 18th, 2010 98 comments

Another day, another release? Hopefully this doesn’t become a trend. Version 1.0.9 has been released to fix the bug with USB drives not showing up. If you’re using the channel, you must be sure to have the latest channel (1.4) installed for this to work.

I’m not guaranteeing this works for everyone. If you have problems, discuss them on the forum or go back to an older version. This will be the last update for awhile.

Version 1.0.8 Released

August 17th, 2010 50 comments
Version 1.0.8 has been released along with an updated WiiMC Channel as a quick fix for those experiencing issues loading WiiMC from the channel. It also fixes the freeze-on-home-button issue some were having. Full changelog:

  • Improved USB mounting and updated channel. Should hopefully help those who are receiving the “Could not find a valid SD or USB device” message
  • Improved network initialization