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    Ok, I got the same problem here. Audio and Video complete out of sync. Version is 1.09 Tantric, is the beat down again? I ‘d like to try it.

    in reply to: List of working hard drives with latest install #26880

    No issues with:
    WD Elements 2,5 inch 250GB



    finally I managed to solve that issue. Of course ( 😀 ) the problem was not to be found in WiiMC, it was just me… but now I again learned smth.

    So what happened? I was just not aware that if one just updates the HBC to 1.08 and installs Ios58 afterwards that HBC will not use it (instead Ios61). I corrected this by reinstalling the HBC (just after installing Ios58). Now everything works just perfect. HD is found in WiiMC no matter if started from HBC or from its own channel.

    Again, thanks Tantric, great job!

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    @vitor01 wrote:

    I had the same problem. As he had done an upgrade of HBC automatically without the IOS58, had this difference of IOS.
    I solved the problem as follows:

    1 – uninstalled WiiMC with WiiMC Channel Installer. Then cut off the two programs still using the HBC (not eliminated by using the PC)

    2 – with the SD card on the PC, I copied the folders “WiiMC Channel Installer 1.4” and “WiiMC” 1.0.9 new install) to the folder “apps, e o IOS58_Installer

    3 – In the HBC Run IOS58_Installer, is safe!

    4 – used HackMii Installer v0.8, and installed again HBC

    5 – installed WiiMC channel

    Now everything perfect, WiiMC recognizes USB HDD in the two slots and I have two HDD connected at the same time, ISO games and Date
    No more different IOS, IOS58 all

    excuse my English

    This exactly solved my problem. Thanks dude!. I was not aware that if one just updates the HBC and install Ios58 afterwards that HBC will not use it. So, after correcting this using your step-by-step approach I finally managed to use my HD. Good job!

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    @lukegb wrote:

    Try inserting that instead of the .m3u line

    (I’m not sure how WiiMC reacts to non-file extended files, so…)

    That worked fine… thanks! Can you or somebody else explain why? It is the ogg line without the ogg extension….? So, still, most radio streams are not in ogg but in wmp or mp3? How can I make those work?

    Does anybody know how to make them work?

    @ ironbill: Didn’t try with video streams yet, maybe you let is know the one you wanna try, I ll try it!


    in reply to: Youtube and own Radio streams + Exiting #24694

    Home button? Tried that… various times. Maybe a bug? Home button from movie to WiiMC works fine, but Home to HBC does not work though… thnaks anyways!

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