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    I recently moved all my Wii operations from old school rca 480i output, two rca cable analog Dolby II TO hdmi with Dolby Digital via one of those new Wii HDMI adaptors.

    While the video is better and looks more solid, the AUDIO is amazing! Crisp, full and very encompassing surround (rear speakers are more perfect now) and the sound is now competing with my Xbox 360 🙂 From an audio quality point of view, using the new HDMI upscaling converters is awesome ! 😛

    in reply to: Anyone else keep losing their settings? #30516

    I have a similar issue. I have found that if you just exit WiiMC by hitting the Home key properly and gracefully shutting down the Wii, then all is good. If my kids just hit the Power Button on the Wiimote while inside of WiiMC, then the sometimes these files have issues:
    – restore_points get’s hosed
    – settings.xml get’s hosed
    – entire freeken sd:appsWiiMC folder can’t be read properly by the Wii. Need to delete folder in in WiiXplorer and copy back from a backup.

    I use only Kingston SD cards, unsure what Class but I believe they are Class 4 chips, 4Gig and 8Gig appropriately. Happens on both SD cards.

    I can make the problem go away, but just doing graceful shutdowns of the Wii. 🙁

    in reply to: Video sharing on steroids, over the Internet and beyond! #30607

    Hi Emercamp,

    I totally agree. Just setup VLC Shares and let it do exactly what it’s supposed to do, and it works sweet. I guess… I just wanted to do more 😆

    Some of the really minor things that I was interested in solving.
    – VLC Shares seems to be a one user at a time system. Which is totally fine in most environments, we just happen to have four in our family, two Wii’s a multitudes of PC and such. By using WebDav on the server, and VLC streaming on the client, we were able to stream to a multitude of devices all at the same time, with no reliance on SMB!
    – I wanted to learn more about streaming! Setting up Apache WebDav as an add-on to VLC Shares was fun.
    – I was trying to push VLC Streams to buddies over the internet. For some reason, using trancoding (VLC Shares) over the internet sucked, it just chugged. WebDav totally solved that ! Unsure why, but it did.
    – At some point I also want to integrate a very simple and efficient upnp server into Apache, but I want it Open Source, mostly for Xbox 360 integration. My other ideas was also to see if I could setup HTML5 within Apache and have the Xbox play the HTML5 stream within the new Internet Explorer for Xbox 360.

    Just playing, and having a good time 🙂

    in reply to: Can no longer shutdown VLC streams #29098

    I had the same problem with an install of VLCShares: 0.5.4, VLC vlc-1.1.9-win32.exe on a fresh install of Win7 Pro. I am using an older version of WiiMC .

    I found the solutions was to change/reapply Full Control permissions to the USER group within c:Program FilesVLCShares . I did this same thing originally upon install of VLC Shares, so I am unsure why it did not stick. I do run VLC Shares under a User with Limited User rights, so that I don’t attract viruses, spyware and such. This is my torrent machine as well 🙂 Easy way to stop all sorts of crudowear.

    EDIT: I have not yet done Xmarks change to library/X/Vlc/Adapter/Windows.php as I want to see how the Permissions change fixes the issue.

    in reply to: VLC Streams won’t open on devices other than host #30046

    @thedutch wrote:

    got the same problem here,
    went back to wiimc 1.2.0 and it worked fine again.

    Hi Dutch,

    I was wondering, could you post your onlinemedia.xml . Mine is below, but it sucks the big one and will not allow me to view the VLC Stream, but it does a good job of allowing me to click through the videos.

    tstwitters onlinemedia.xml

    <link name="Navi-Xtreme Media Portal" addr="; />
    <link name="SHOUTcast Radio" addr="; />
    <link name="SHOUTcast Radio – Search" type="search" addr="; />
    <link name="SHOUTcast TV" addr="; />
    <link name="YouTube" addr="; />
    <link name="YouTube – Search" type="search" addr="; />

    <link name="Radio Plus" addr="; />
    <link name="Otvoreni radio" addr="; />
    <link name="Woxy radio" addr="; />

    <link name="VLC-Shares Collections" addr="; />

    in reply to: VLC Streams won’t open on devices other than host #30045

    @ximarx wrote:


    This should have been made perfectly clear that you need VLC 1.1.9 to run VLC Shares 0.5.4 ! I just spent a reinstall of Win7 and 4 days debugging VLC Shares before I found this out. BTW, VLC Shares in general is an amazing program.

    in reply to: VLC Shares – "Error, Error loading file!" #30595

    I seem to be getting some partial sucess.

    When I try to play a “Shared Folders” avi file via the Start VLC command, then copy and paste the “Go to Stream” link into the local VLC player of the Win7 media server via VLC / Media / Open Network Stream as “http://localhost:8081/&quot; the VIDEO PLAYS.

    If I go to a remote laptop and do the same thing in VLC but pointed to “; the video DOES NOT PLAY.

    All firewalls are disabled on the Win7 media server and the Win7 laptop.
    I don’t thing running “telnet” will tell me anything useful. Any ideas, is this a timeout issue on the VLC client side? or is VLC Shares streaming to the wrong place? It’s just a default install of VLC Shares.

    in reply to: VLC Shares – "Error, Error loading file!" #30594

    It should be noted, that if I browse VLC Shares via a second computer, like my laptop and try.

    Online Library / International Live Channels / RT Eng / Start VLC Stream
    Than manually start up VLC and go Media / Open Network Stream / Network / and hit Play
    “I GET RT TV!!!!” So, parts of VLC Shares seems to be working.

    If I Shutdown the VLC Stream
    Online Library / International Live Channels / SkyNews / Start VLC Stream / and then switch view back to VLC pointed at …..VLC just errors and says it can’t open the MRL
    I hit play a few times to ensure it’s not a timing thing, no dice.

    Shutdown VLC
    Shared Folders / Movies / Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.avi / Start VLC Stream then switch to VLC streaming from , I get “Your input can’t be opened:
    VLC is unable to open the MRL ‘;. Check the log for details.”

    So, I am not able to Stream ANY local Shared Folders with any device, Wii with WiiMC or Laptop PC with VLC on it. So it must be an issue with the the streaming server not being able to submit the stream.

    System Tests are below:
    VLCShares version : 0.5.4
    success VLC path is valid (C:Program FilesVideoLANVLCvlc.exe) : Success
    success Language file is valid (en_GB.ini) : Success
    success FFMpeg helper enabled : Success
    success FFMpeg path is valid (C:Program FilesFFMpegbinffmpeg.exe) : Success
    success [PHP settings] magic_quotes_gpc = Off : Ok
    success [PHP settings] register_globals = Off : Ok
    info [PluginInstaller] Checking for directory permissions : OK

    I could upload a log somewhere as well, if it helps 🙂 Not to sure where to put that though, as there is no upload button when we are doing posts, only url.

    in reply to: Error Unsupported DVD #30032

    I run a number of Wii’s on only System Menu 4.1 and have found zero disadvatage to using 4.1 (or conversely no advantage to System Menu 4.2 or 4.3). Actually as part of they recommend everyone to downgrade there System Menu to 4.1

    Remember if you ever actually do a System Menu upgrade to like 4.2 it MUST be done manually using a wad manager (like MMM) and not done only with Nintendo. Otherwise Nintendo’s update will nuke your softmod.

    I would just resoftmod your Wii from cradle to grave using Maui’s lastest “Hack and Wii” manual on and be done with it. And I would stick with (downgrade) to System Menu 4.1 . It’s just a small pile of wads to install to downgrade, takes 3 minutes, that’s all 🙂

    in reply to: DVD over SMB #30467

    Another possible solution, which… is totally untested on my side, is using VLC on your computer and pushing the video stream to your Wii (instead of just viewing the DVD on your PC). Below is the link on how to set it up, it’s the very first item in the link.

    VLC will play DVD’s quite nicely (Media / Open Disk) then choose Stream and go through that menu to push out a network stream. The above link helps you do this. I think even the most recent versions of VLC will even do Blu-Ray movies as well 🙂 Well that is assuming you have an expensive BluRay drive in your PC.

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